Bhai Pheru

Bhai Pheru belonged to village Aanbwaari near Lahore. His first name was Sangat. He started the business of selling the articles as a hawker since his very early age.

When he heard about the praise of Guru Har Rai, he made up his mind to shift to Kiratpur.

He reached Kiratpur and started the business of selling ghee, carrying the pot on his head. He was also attending the Darbar of the Guru and paid homage to the Guru daily.

The Guru was also buying ghee from him for the free kitchen. So his business flourished very much.

In those days Bhai Bhagatu was incharge of the department of agriculture.

With the help of other disciples he was tilling the land of the Guru.

One day when he was serving the meals to the laborers who had been reaping the crop of wheat, Bhai Sangat reached there and carrying the pot of ghee on his head.

Seeing him the laborers said, 'Bhai Bhagatu! We have been doing very hard, please supply us some ghee with these dry loaves.

Bhai Bhagatu asked Bhai Sangat to supply one Chhatank of ghee to each labourer.

Bhai Sangat placed his pot near the labourers and gave one chhatank of ghee to each.

Then Bhai Bhagatu said, 'Please take the price of this ghee from the Guru.'

After that Bhai Sangat reached his house and placed the pot in his room.

Next day when he was ready to go to the market to sell the ghee, he looked into the pot.

He saw that ghee was at the same level as he had brought from the nearby village. He was astonished to see it.

He had distributed more than a ser (Kilo) ghee to the laborers.

But his pot was still full to the brim. He understood that all was due to the blessings of the Guru. He determined to relinquish the work of a hawker and instead to serve the Guru from the core of his heart.

He carried the pot of ghee on his head and went towards the kitchen of the Guru. He placed the pot in the kitchen. He met the Guru and requested him that he wanted to lead his life in his service.

The Guru blessed him and said, 'We change your name from today. As you have got the Name of God as a hawker, therefore, we name as you Bhai Pheru. We appoint you as incharge of the free kitchen and you must be careful that no one remains hungry.'

Bhai Pheru was serving in the kitchen day and night.

One day some Sikhs came late. In the kitchen some stale loaves were stored and fresh loaves were also under preparation. Bhai Pheru served stale loaves to some Sikhs and to others he served the fresh loaves.

One Sikh noticed this discrimination and said, 'Bhai Pheru! You have made the kitchen blind of one eye, by making unequal distribution.'

Bhai Pheru said, 'My dear Gursikh! Today I have done a blunder, but in future I will act very cautiously. I may lose my one eye, but I will not make the kichen blind of one eye.'

These words of Bhai Pheru proved true and he lost his one eye.

When Guru Har Rai came to know that Bhai Pheru had become blind of one eye he himself met Bhai Pheru and appreciated his services. He offered him a book of holy hymns and a red robe.

The Guru said, 'I am very pleased at your selfless services. Now I appoint you Masand of Nikka Desh. Now go there and preach Sikhism. There you will not face deficiency of anything. Hand will be yours and pocket will be of the Guru. Spend according to your desire.'

Bhai Pheru went to Nikka Desh and established there free kitchen which was running twenty four hours. He made village Miaan Ki Maur as his headquarters.

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