Bhai Gaura

Bhai Gaura the elder son of Bhai Bhagatu a devout and leading Sikh since the time of Guru Arjan, was a brave warrior who had carved out an extensive estate for himself around his native village Vinjhu.

Owing to a misunderstanding Bhai Bhagatu, while on his last visit to Kartarpur to see Guru Har Rai, had made a young peasant girl believe that he had vowed to make her his wife.

The girl considered herself the wife of the old Bhai, who had died soon after the incident, and would not remarry.

When Bhai Gaura came to know this, he brought the girl to his house and ever treated her as his mother.

When Guru Har Rai visiting sangats in the Malva region, came to Vinjhu, Bhai Gaura served him devotedly and accompanied the Guru's train through his own neighbourhood.

One day Bhai Jassa a bodyguard of Guru Har Rai said that he was ready to marry the mother of Gaura and Jeewan.

When Bhai Gaura heard this, he was so enraged that he killed Bhai Jassa.

The Guru was displeased to hear such an act of Bhai Gaura.

He said, 'Bhai Gaura must be punished.'

Bhai Gaura repented of his heinous action. He wanted to get pardon form the Guru. But he did not dare to meet the Guru. He followed the Guru, but always remained at a distance.

In those days a strange incident happened and the Guru pardoned Bhai Gaura.

Once the Guru with his army had gone to Doaba to accelerate the preaching of Sikhism. Guru's wife and his sons stayed at the previous camp with a few Sikhs.

When Qasam Beg the grandson of Mukhlas Khan found that there were only a few Sikhs to defend the family of the Guru, he planned to kill them

When Bhai Guara found Qasam Beg advancing towards the Guru's camp he became alert and asked his armed men to face Qasam Beg.

When Qasam Beg found a large number of Sikhs attacking him, he fled from the camp.

Mata Sulakhani saw the battle with her own eyes.

When the Guru returned back she told him the whole story.

The Guru was very pleased at the bravery of Bhai Gaura. He called for Bhai Gaura and pardoned him.

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