Bhai Jeevan

Bhai jeewan the younger son of Bhai Bhagatu did even a greater sacrifice. One day when the Guru visited Kartarpur, he camped outside the city.

One day a son of a Brahmin died. As that was their only son, parents began to make hue and cry.

Some Brahmins said, 'Guru Har Rai has been camping outside the city. It is said he possesses all spirtitual powes. Take this child to Guru Har Rai, if he is the real Guru, he will make your son alive, otherwise we will understand that he is a mere hypocrite.'

The parents carried the child and placed it before the Guru. At that time the Guru was holding a Darbar and was delivering holy sermons to the congregation.

Placing the child in front of the Guru, the parents began to weep bitterly. The devotees were moved to hear their hue and cry.

Some devotees said that the Guru should revive the child.

When the Guru heard these words of the devotees, he said, 'We can't help others by only wishing, for that we have to sacrifice ourselves. The Sikh who considers that if I do not revive the child of the Brahmin, then it will be an indignity for the house of Guru, he should sacrifice his own life for the sake of the child.'

When Bhai Jeewan heard these words of the Guru, he went outside and praying to the God, breathed his last. Son, the Brahmin revived.

The Guru praised such daring sacrifice of Bhai Jeewan. He himself performed his last rites.

The Brahmins were perplexed to hear the revival of the dead child.

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