Early Life

(Guru) Hargobind Sahib was born on June 9, 1595 at village Wadali. After staying for sometime at Wadali, the Guru shifted to Amritsar.

Baba Budha taught him Punjabi, Hikmat and religious scriptures. Bhai Jetha made him perfect in the art of warfare. He taught him archery, swordsmanship and handling of other weapons.

Bhai Ganga trained him as an ideal and classic horse rider. (Guru) Hargobind was well built and he took keep interest in wrestling since a very young age. He was even knocking down wrestlers senior to him in age.

(Guru) Hargobind was also studying the Gurbani with deep insight. He learnt by heart all important hymns of the Gurus, even as a child.

That was the reason that after the coronation of the Guruship, he quoted the hymns with great authenticity while he used to deliver his sermons.

His personality was very charming and pleasing. He had a well built body and sharp features.

Bhai Santokh Singh writes about (Guru) Hargobind ji,

'The feet of (Guru) Hargobind were like the flowers of lotus, and nails of the feet were as red as jewels, his legs were beautiful and joints of knots of ankles and knees were very strong and grand. His chest was very wide and his shoulders very high. His hands were strong and powerful but flexible and elastic as the trunk of an elephant. His hands were like lotus flowers and fingers looked as if its petals. His face was just like a moon and he had white teeth and beautiful red lips. His eyes which had the power to mesmerize the whole congregation at a single glance were sharp like petals of lotus. His chin and checks were soft, tender and delicate and falling curls on it were making it more elegant and graceful.'

Seeing such a handsome personality of the young (Guru) Hargobind, many rich men were approaching Guru Arjan Dev for the engagements of their daughters with (Guru) Hargobind.

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