The Second War

When King Jahangir handed over Chandu Shah to Guru Hargobind he also confiscated his landed property and transferred it in the name of Guru Hargobind.

On that land the Guru constructed a new city and named it Sri Hargobindpur.

There Bhagwan Dass Gharar, who was a reveneue collector of Subedar of Jalandhar, clashed with him.

One day he brought some scoundrels in order to drive out the Guru from Sri Hargobindpur.

With the force of scoundrels he tried to threaten the Guru. When the Sikhs heard about this they killed Bhagwan Dass and threw his corpse into the river Beas.

When Rattan Chand son of Bhagwan Dass was informed about the fate of his father, he met Abdula Khan, the Subedar of Jalandhar and complained against the Guru.

Abdula Khan was already against the Guru. So he commanded an army of four thousand soldiers and attacked Sri Hargobindput.

When the Guru was informed about this he alerted his Sikhs. When the Mughal army reached near the city, the Sikhs welcomed them with bullets and arrows.

Abdula Khan did not know that the Sikhs were so well equipped. All Sikhs were in their trenches so it was impossible for the Mughals to trace them.

The Mughal army ran away towards the safe places. Abdula Khan tried very much to put them under his control, but he failed.

Next day Abdula Khan sent his two sons with a large army and advising them said, 'Don't care about bullets and arrows and overpower the trenches of the Sikhs.'

But before they could reach near any trench, they lost their lives.

When Abdula Khan heard this heart rendering news, he lost his balance and entered the camp of the Sikhs.

When the Guru saw him, he also came out and stood before Abdula Khan. He attacked the Guru with powerful blows but the Guru took his strokes at his shield.

Then the Guru attacked him in such a way that Abdula Khan was lying on the ground, cut into two pieces.

After the death of Abdula Khan, Karam Chand son of Chandu Shah appeared to attack the Guru.

But when the Guru attacked him with his sword, he got his sword broken into two pieces.

The Guru had another sword of Piri in his possession, but he did not like to kill him with that sword. So he caught him from his neck and gripping it for sometime threw him on the ground with such a great force that Karam Chand was lying dead on the ground.

The Guru also won the second battle with great honour.

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