Baba Budha Ji

The victory of the battle of Sri Hargobindpur raised the morale of the Sikhs of Doaba. The cruel administrator Abdula Khan's elimination gave some relief to the public.

The Guru stayed for sometime in the city and got constructed a wall round the city and after demolition of the house of Bhagwan Dass, he ordered to construct a beautiful mosque for the prayer of the Muslims residing in that city.

In those days the Guru received an information that Baba Budha ji was seriously ill and he had shown his last ambition to see Guru Hargobind Sahib.

At that time Baba Budha was a man of one hundred and twenty five years. The Guru reached village Ramdas as early as possible. Baba Budha was very pleased to see the Guru.

Though Baba Budha was a devout Sikh of the Guru, Guru Hargobind bowed before him and said, 'O Great Baba ji! You are every blessed. You have enjoyed the company of six Gurus and even in this world you are the only person who has seen and served Guru Nanak. You have shown the world that by reciting Name of God even a common man can become Omnipotent.'

Next day Baba Budha's soul merged with the Divine light.

The Guru performed the last rites and Baba Bhana, grandson of Baba Budha was offered the seat of Baba Budha.

The Guru himself tied turban on his head.

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