Baba Sri Chand

From Ramdas the Guru reached Kartarpur, the native village of Guru Nanak Dev. There He met the grandsons of Guru Nanak dev.

Sri Suraj Mal and Sri Gurditta were also accompanying him. There He stayed for a few days and then left for village Bath in district Gurdaspur.

The village Bath was abode of Baba Sri Chand.

There He met Baba Sri Chand and showed great respect for him.

Baba Sri Chand was also very pleased to see the Guru and his sons. The Guru along with his sons sat near him. He narrated to him the episodes of the Sikh battles.

But Baba Sri Chand was looking towards Baba Gurditta with great curiosity. His features resembled Guru Nanak.

Then Baba Sri Chand said, 'How many sons are in your house.'

When the Guru told him that he had five sons Baba Sri Chand said, 'From these five whom you consider to offer to Baba?'

The Guru said, 'My all five sons belong to you. You can choose any one for your service.'

Then Baba Sri Chand pointing towards Baba Gurditta said, 'If this son is your Tikka then he is also my Tkka (elder son). Now he has become elder son of this world and the next world.'

Then he got up and offered his 'Seli Topi' the reverned Turban of Udaasis to Sri Gurditta ji and said, 'The throne of Miri Piri of Guru Nanak has already been transferred to your house, now I also bestow the throne of Darveshi on your house.'

The Guru was very pleased to hear these words and said, 'O great man! This is all due to you.'

From that day Sri Gurditta was known as Baba, the head of the Udassen sect. in this way Baba Sri Chand offered his divine wealth of the Name of God earned during his life of one hundred and ten years to Baba Gurditta.

Guru Ram Dass won the heart of Baba Sri Chand by benevolence and Guru Hargobind pleased him by offering his son to him. He included the Udaasi faith in Sikhism.

When Sikhs were facing many hardships and their even existence was in danger then Udaasi sect worked very hard to keep the Sikh ideology alive.

That day was historical when Baba Sri Chand made Baba Gurditta his heir. At that time there were four main preaching centres of Baba Sri Chand.

Baba Sri Chand made Baba Gurditta the incharge of these four centres.

The preachers of these centres were Baba Alsmar, Baba Baalu Hasna, Baba Goinda and Baba Phool.

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