Khawaja Raushan

Thousands of Muslims were also becoming followers of Guru Hargobind.

Khawaja Raushan was a respected Muslim hermit. Thousands of people were visiting his abode in order to pay him respect and to get boons.

But Khawaja Raushan's own mind was restless. He was himself in search of a real religious teacher so that he could get the celestial peace.

Once a friend of him told him about Guru Hargobind. He reached Kiratpur and met the Guru.

He heard the sermons of the Guru and was so much impressed that he decided to stay at Kiratpur. He became such an admirer of the Guru that he always remained at his service. He was also looking after the horses of the Guru.

One day when the Guru was going outside riding on his horse, he became so impatient that he ran behind the Guru. He ran more than a mile chasing the Guru.

When the Guru noticed that Khawaja Raushan was following him, he stopped his horse and dismounting it clasped Khawaja Raushan with great love.

The Guru said, 'Now you have achieved what you desired.'

The Guru bestowed on him spiritual knowledge and sent him to Doaba to preach Sikhism.

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