Sayya Jaani Shah

Khawaja Raushan was going from one village to another for the promulgation of Sikhism.

One day Khawaja Raushan met Sayyad Jaani Shah. Who was wandering in search of sublime bliss?

He had met many hermits and mendicants but he could not achieve the spiritual knowledge from anywhere.

Khawaja Raushan told him, 'If he wanted to meet God then he should go to Kiratpur. There you will find a true Guru who can guide you to achieve your goal.'

First Jaani Shah did not believe him, but when Khawaja Raushan told his own story, he determined to go to Kiratpur.

He reached Kiratpur and sat in front of the door of the Guru and cried loudly, 'Jaani Ko Jaani Milaa do.'

He repeated these words the whole day.

But the Guru paid no heed towards him. He did not even enquire from any person who that fellow was. But Khawaja Raushan had guided him that he should not lose patience.

In the evening the Guru asked his Sikhs to throw the curtain. But he did not move and continued speaking the same words.

Then the Guru gave one Sikh a bag of rupees and asked him to hand over to Jaani Shah.

But Jaani Shah did not care about that, and started crying more loudly.

Then the Guru said, 'If you want to meet your Lord instantly then you should jump into the river.'

Hearing these words of the Guru, Jaani Shah ran towards the river. The Guru asked some riders to chase him.

But before Sikhs could catch him, he jumped into the river.

The Sikhs also followed suit and catching hold of him, brought him out of the river. Then they presented him before the Guru.

The Guru was so pleased that he embraced him with great love and blessed him. The contact of Guru's hand gave him the celestial peace and he perceived the everlasting bliss.

When the Guru found that Jaani Shah had met his Jaani he asked him to stay with him. Jaani Shah was attending the Darbar daily and celestial music was satiating him.

One day the Guru called him and said, 'You have met your Jaani (God), now go to your native village and preach the fundamentals of Sikhism.'

Jaani Shah was reluctant to leave Kiratpur. He did not want to lose the company of Guru Hargobind.

He said, 'My Lord! Let one serve you hear. I can't bear to be separated from you. I daily enjoy the singing of the holy hymns. Your sermons enlighten me. I feel as If I am living in heaven. My all desires have been fulfilled. I would not be able to get anywhere this divine atmosphere.'

The Guru acknowledged his request and allowed him to stay there.

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