Bhai Biddi Chand

Once devotees of Kabul came to see the Guru.

One person Karori Mal was accompanying them. He had brought with him two horses of good bread named Gulbagh and Dilbagh to present to the Guru.

When the congregation reached Lahore the administrator of Lahore Anait Ullah saw these horses.

Anait Ullah wanted to buy those horses, but Karori Mal refused and said, 'I have not brought these horses to sell but I want to present these to my Lord, Guru Hargobind.'

Anait Ullah was enraged to hear it and he snatched the horses by force. When devotees met the Guru, they presented the gifts they had brought.

But Karori Mal instead of offering any gift said, 'My Lord! I had brought two horses of good breed named Gulbagh and Dilbagh to present to you. But the admnistrator of Lahore Anait Ullah snatched them from me by force. Now I am very unfortunate that I cannot offer you any gift.'

Hearing this, the Guru laughted and said, 'Karori Mal! Don't worry. We have received your horses. They will not remain with Anait`Ullah for long, I am very pleased that you have brought such a valuable gift. One day you will find your horses enriching our stable.'

Bhai Karori Mal was satisfied and felt happy.

Next day the Guru sent for Bhai Bidhi Chand. The Guru sent him to Lahore to bring back the horses.

Bhai Bidhi Chand reached Lahore and stayed in the house of Bhai Jiwan.

Next day he disguised himself as a grass cutter. He went to the fields and cut a bundle of fine grass and bringing it to Lahore sat at the gate of the fort.

The horse keeper Siad Khan when came out side he was pleased to see such a fine grass and bought it from Bhai Bidhi Chand.

Bhai Bidhi Chand put the bundle on his head and went towards the stable.

Siad Khan asked Bhai Bidhi Chand to distribute the grass to the horses. Bhai Bidhi Chand was throwing the grass in front of the horses and also was patting on their back amicably.

Bhai Bidhi Chand was used to bring the grass daily and with the permission of Siad Khan distributed it to the horses. Due to such amicable service the horses became friends of Bhai Bidhi Chand.

They were now recognizing him and even were neighing at the very sight of Bhai Bidhi Chand.

Siad Khan when saw such love of Bhai Bidhi Chand he appointed him a servant of the horses.

The river Ravi was touching the walls of the fort on one side. Bhai Bidhi Chand used to throw one big stone in the river at night.

When the watchmen heard the sound of the stone, they were alarmed, but when they looked towards the river, they did not see anything.

At last they thought that some animal was striking the wall and they did not care for that sound again. Bhai Bidhi Chand was feasting the watchmen with his salary. They were very pleased with him.

When Bhai Bidhi Chand got the next salary he gave a grand feast to the watchmen. He also served them wine and made them unconscious.

Bhai Bidhi Chand shut them in their room. Then he searched and found the keys and untied the horse named Gulbagh and riding on it jumped off the wall of the fort and fell into the river.

After crossing the river Bhai Bidhi Chand struck the horse with his heel and Gulbagh ran as fast as he could.

Next day Bhai Bidhi Chand presented the horse to the Guru.

The Guru was very pleased to see such a feat of Bhai Bidhi Chand. He got up and clasped Bhai Bidhi Chand with great love.

In order to bring the second horse named Dilbagh, Bhai Bidhi Chand disguised himself as an astrologer.

When he presented second horse to the Guru, he patted at his back with great love and blessed him saying;

Bidhi Chand Chhina. The breast of Guru.
Attained the true love. There is no dearth.

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