The Third War

When the Guru Hargobind acquired both the horses he thought that administrators of Lahore would not bear it and they would try to attack them.

So the Guru prepared himself to face the skirmish.

At that time the Guru was staying in the Malwa region. He met Rai Jodh the resident of that area and said, 'You have great knowledge of this area, please tell us, which is the suitable place from where our small army can defeat the Royal army.'

Rai Jodh told the Guru about many appropriate places, but the Guru selected the Dhaab of Nathana as the most suitable one.

The salient features of that area were that on three sides it was surrounded by the mountains of sand and on forth side was Dhaab of Nathana.

From Lahore Bhai Bohru sent a message to the Guru that Anait Ullah had sent an army of ten thousand under the command of Lall Beg and Qamar Beg towards Malwa.

When the royal Army was marching towards Malwa, in the way Kabli Beg also joined them. So the strength of royal army increased considerably.

The Guru appointed Rai Jodh as the commander of his army. Guru's army was not more than three thousand. But when the drummer beated the kettle drums the admirers of the Guru joined his army with their own arms.

In search of the Guru, Lalla Beg's army reached near the Dhaab of Nathana. He sent Hasan Khan as an informer to get the information about the strength of the army of the Guru.

The Sikhs caught and presented him before the Guru.

The Guru recognized Hasan Khan as he was an old spy of Jahangir. He had spent most of the time of his life at Amritsar.

Therefore the Guru asked the Sikhs to relinquish him. Returning back to his camp, he told Lalla Beg that Guru's army was competent and ready to face any big attack.

When Lalla Beg found that a pond of water was in the possession of the Guru, he sent his men on all sides in search of water.

The Sikhs finding that appropriate time attacked the Mughal Army. The royal army was not prepared for that. They began to retreat.

They could not find water nearby. They found one well, its water was brackish. Drinking the water of that well, many soldiers fell ill. The battle continued all night.

When in the morning Lalla Beg saw his army, he found dead bodies lying everywhere. Seeing this scene Lalla Beg became very furious and looks the command of the army himself.

The Guru himself was sitting on a raised platform and was giving instructions to his soldiers.

Lalla Beg, Qamar Beg and Kabli Beg advanced fearlessly. Both sides were shooting arrows and bullets with great might.

Kabli Beg then entered the army of Sikhs and challenged the Guru.

The Guru got down from the platform and riding on his horse reached near Kabli Beg.

The Guru asked Kabli Beg to attack first.

When Kabli Beg attacked, the Guru was slightly injured.

Then the Guru shot an arrow with such a force that it pierced the neck of Kabli Beg, who fell dead on the ground. Rai Jodh came near the Guru and bandaged his wound.

When Qamar Beg saw Kabli Beg lying dead on the ground he advanced towards the Guru.

But Rai Jodh intervened and killed Qamar Beg.

Then Lalla Beg himself advanced with great force. Lalla Beg shot many arrows but the Guru stopped them on his shield.

Then the Guru shot one arrow and killed the horse of the Lalla Beg. He then rushed towards the Guru on foot.

The Guru also left his horse and stood in front of Lalla Beg for a duel fight.

Lalla Beg fought very bravely, but the Guru killed him with a forceful attack of his sword.

When the Mughal army saw that Lalla Beg had also been killed, they took to their heels.

The Guru won the third War

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