Hassan Khan

In those days King Shahjahan was staying at Lahore. Wazir Khan, ex Governor of Lahore, was accompanying him.

In order to please King Shahajahan, Hasan Khan gathered the remaining army and reached Lahore. Wazir Khan who was a friend of Guru Hargobind was very happy at his victory.

Wazir Khan met King Shahjahan and in taunting language said, 'Lalla Beg and Qamar Beg, who have gone to Malwa with big army to snatch two horses have not come yet. I fear what has happened to them.'

At that time Salabat Khan was supervising the entrance. He said, 'Sir! Hasan Khan had returned from the battle field, he can tell you about consequences of the battle.'

King Shahjahan summoned Hasan Khan. Hasan Khan entered the room of King Shahjahan and bowed before him seven times.

Then King said, 'What is the news about Lalla Beg?

Hasan Khan said, 'Sir! If you spare my life then I would narrate the whole episode.

King said, 'All right, we pardon your all faults, tell us the truth.'

Hasan Khan said, 'Lalla Beg and Qamar Beg reached that place within a few days where the Guru was staying. But that area was full of dense forests. Water plays very important part during the wars, but Lalla Beg did not make arrangement for the pure water before hand. If they were able to find water that was brackish and after drinking it our soldiers and horses fell ill. There was no village nearby. All people who were staying there, were savage. There was one pond of water, which the Guru had already taken into his possession. We requested Lalla Beg that we should wait for some days and after making full preparation, we should attack the Guru. But he paid no heed to our request. He patched the royal army in the dense bushes.'

'He did not wait and attacked. But the Guru's army and local people were familiar with that area. They fought so bravely that Royal army was forced to retreat. Then he ordered to light the flambeaus and to fight at night. But at night such a cold breeze blew that all flambeaus were extinguished and the cold breeze stunned our soldiers and they lost senses. It became very difficult for them to hold the arms. All our army was lying on the ground as dead bodies. The Sikhs could have killed all the army during night but it is the order of their Guru not to attack a bare handed of sick. During the night two third of army died and only one third remained alive. Next day when Lalla Beg and Qamar Beg saw the dead bodies, they wept, but they did not change their policy. I again requested him that we should rest for a few days as the Sikhs never attack first. But he abused me.'

'Then he served wine to his remaining soldier and asked them to attacked the Sikhs. But I was wonder struck to see such a big army of the Guru. A fierce battle was fought. The Guru himself killed Lalla Beg and Kabli Beg and the rest of the army was killed by the Sikhs.'

'When soldiers saw that their commanders had been killed, they ran away. The Sikhs did not chase them, but the wild men attacked them and looted their arms horses and clothes. Two thousand healthy soldiers have brought with me, the wounded have been taken by the Sikhs for treatment. They would also return back when their wounds are healed. Eighteen thousand strong army has been killed due to our foolishness, but I know that more than ten times of this army can't defeat the Guru. The Guru is Light of God, if he wished he could have won the whole world, but they don't care about the sovereignty and wealth.'

Hearing the narration of Hasan Khan, the King was very pleased. He appreciated the intelligence and capability of Hasan Khan.

At the recommendation of Wazir Khan, he appointed Hasan Khan as the Governor of Kabul.

After becoming Governor of Kabul, Hasan Khan served the Guru with great devotion and supplied him very valuable articles.

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