Swords of Miri And Piri

Prince Khusro revolted against his father Emperor Jahangir. But when he could not face the large army of his father he ran towards Kabul.

On his way he met Guru Arjan Dev at Taran Taran. The Guru welcomed him and offered him and his hungry associate's meals in the free kitchen.

The Governor of Lahore at once informed about this to King Jahangir. When Jahangir heard about it he made up his mind to annihilate Guru Arjan Dev.

To help the rebellions had always remained a sufficient reason for the punishment of the helpers. King Jahangir himself was a narrow-minded person in the religious affairs. He was against the religious preachings of Guru Arjan Dev. In his autobiography Tuzak-i-Jahangiri he clearly writes:

'In Goindwal which is on the bank of river Beas, there was a Hindu named Arjan. In the garb of sainthood, he captured the fancy of simple Hindus and even the ignorant foolish Musalmans. They called him Guru and from all sides the stupid people flocked to worship and render complete faith in him. From three or four generations, they had kept their shop warm. Many times it occurred to me to put a stop to this vain affair or to ask him to embrace Islam.

From the above writings of King Jahangir it is quite evident that King himself was against the house of Guru Nanak. So he sent for him at Lahore.

Before leaving Amritsar Guru Arjan Dev bestowed Guruship on Guru Hargobind and also advised him to adorn himself with weapons and to make his Sikhs brave soldiers and saints.

He said, 'We can't face these cruel rulers remaining as Faqirs.'

At that time the age of Guru Hargobind was merely of eleven years. But though He was young in age, He was very brave and benevolent.

At the time of adoration of Gurgaddi, when Baba Budha offered him the sacred headgear He refused respectfully and wore a Turban with a very precious plume prepared specially for the occasion.

Then He asked Baba Budha to bring a sword. Baba Budha brought one sword and in confusion put it on the wrong side.

When the Guru noticed it he asked him to bring another sword.

He said, 'I will grid two swords, One Sword of Shakti (Power) and Second Sword of a Bhakti (Medication).

So in this way Guru Hargobind combined in him Piri (Renunciation) and Miri (Royality).

From that day the Guru advised his Sikhs to get themselves armed and to offer him only the weapons and horses.

He said, 'Those Sikhs who will join our army would be trained in the modern type of warfare, they would be given clothes twice a year and free meals in the kitchen.'

When the Sikhs came to know about this, thousands of them joined the Guru's Army.

They enjoyed the celestial music in the morning and evening and got training of arms in the day time. They took part in all types of games and also went to the jungles for the game of hunting. The Guru selected fifty two brave Sikhs as his body guards.

When some Pathan soldiers were shunted out from the royal army, the Guru ji enrolled them in his army. They trained the Sikhs soldiers and perfected them in the Mughal Warfares.

So the Guru's army became competent in handling all types of weapons.

The Guru constructed Akal Takhat in front of Harimandir Sahib in order to settle the disputes arising among his Sikhs.

He appointed Bhai Gurdas as the first Jathedar of the Akal Takhat.

The Guru said, 'This Akal Takhat will be used to give justice to my Sikhs. This throne will be used as official secretariat of the Sikhs.'

When Guru ji sat on this throne, He wore beautiful saffron dress and adorned his Turban with an attractive plume.

He also ordained that in future after holding the ‘Sodar Chauki' the Vaars of great warriors would be sung at the premises of Akal Takhat.

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