Hypocritical Saint

One day Guru Hargobind, Rai Jodh and other Sikhs went to Jungle to play the game of hunting.

In the way they saw a big snake fluttering in agony. When the snake saw the Guru, he died.

When that snake died, Rai Jodh saw many worms coming out of his body.

Seeing this Rai Jodh said, 'My Lord! What is the mystery that so many worms have come out of the body of this snake?'

Hearing this, the Guru said, 'In his previous birth he led the life of a very hypocritical saint. He was collecting money from his devotees, but he was not looking after their welfare.

Instead of reciting the Name of God he was leading a very prosperous life. But when died he had to take birth in the progeny of snakes. As he had been looting his devotees, so in this birth his devotees in the form of worms were eating his flesh. Now seeing me he has left the world.'

After liberating the snake the Guru returned to his abode.

Bhai Rai Jodh and Salem Shah requested the Guru to stay with them for sometime more.

But the Guru told them that his presence at Kiratpur was very important. The Sikhs from all over India were reaching there and they were returning back disappointed.

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