Fatuhi Grewal

While traveling to Kirtapur, He was going through important villages when He reached village Gujarwaal, the Chaudhary of village Fatuhi Grewal served the Guru with great devotion.

One day when he came to meet the Guru, he brought with him a falcon sitting on his hand.

In order to test his patience and trust, the Guru asked him to give him the falcon.

Hearing this Fatuhi Grewal said, 'You are receiving different kinds of gifts from all over the world, I have this falcon, which is very dear to me. I can't live without him.'

The Guru said, 'Yesterday you were saying that your body, mind and wealth belonged to Guru, but you are not ready to give the Guru a fist of feathers.'

He did not give the falcon to the Guru and went to his house feeling disgraced.

When he was taking his meals, he found that the falcon had eaten that silky thread with which he tied him. Falcon began to flutter gravely.

Fatuhi tried very much but he was not able to give it any relief.

Then he took the falcon and meeting the Guru said, 'My Lord! If you save the life of this falcon then it would be yours.'

When the Guru placed his hand on falcon, he at once vomited silky thread and became hale and healthy.

When Fatuhi Grewal saw such a Divine power in Guru, he befell at the feet of the Guru.

The Guru handed him the falcon and said, 'I only wanted to test your devotion.'

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