Baba Budhan Shah

At Kiratpur there lived a hermit named as Baba Budhan Shah. He was staying there since the times of Guru Nanak.

Once Guru Nanak had met him at Kiratpur. Baba Budhan Shah was keeping goats and took only the milk of the goats as his food.

Once when Guru Nanak visited Kiratpur Baba Budhan Shah offered him a bowl of milk.

Guru Nanak said, 'Please keep it with you as our deposit, we will take it in our sixth incarnation.'

Sain Budhan Shah became a devotee of Guru Nanak and was waiting since then the arrival of Guru Nanak. He was confident about the meeting with Guru Nanak. He had also kept a lion who was helping him in grazing and guarding the goats. The lion was also living on the milk of goats. He had also become very old.

One day Guru Hargobind and elder son of Baba Budha went to see Baba Budhan Shah.

After paying homage to the elderman, the Guru said, 'Father! Please give us that milk which Guru Nanak had promised to take as the sixth Nanak.'

Baba Budhan Shah at once became alert and saw them with great curiosity.

He said, 'Light of God is same but countenance and embodiment is different. If you show me the same Divine face of Guru Nanak then I would be very pleased to offer you the milk.'

The Guru asked Baba Gurditta to go to home to take bath. When he returned his face exactly resembled the face of Guru Nanak.

Baba Budhan Shah bowed before him in great reverence and requested him to sit. Then he bought two bowls of milk and offered to the Guru and Baba Gurditta.

Sain Budhan Shah's all doubts and suspicious vanished. Whatever he asked Baba Gurditta, he found the true answer.

At last the desire of Baba Budhan Shah was fulfilled. His soul was delivered from the body and he was exempted from further transmigration.

The Guru got him buried on the place of his residence and a tomb was constructed in his memory.

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