Bhai Jhanda

At Kiratpur the Guru held the Darbar twice daily. The hymn singers recited the devotional songs in praise of God. The number of devotees was increasing day by day. The Sikhs showed great devotion for the Guru. They were ready even to offer their lives at one hint of the Guru.

One day the Guru called Bhai Jhanda and said, 'Tell the Sikhs that who collects the dry sticks from Jungle and brings for the common kitchen, would be blessed.'

When Bhai Jhanda heard this advise of the Guru, he himself went to jungle and spent the whole day in collecting the dry sticks.

Next day he brought the bundles of sticks and stored them near the kitchen.

When the Guru saw him he said, 'Bhai Jhanda! I have asked you to advise the Sikhs to bring the sticks but you have been bringing these sticks yourself.'

Bhai Jhanda said humbly, 'My Lord! Let me first become a Sikh.'

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