Bhai Bhairon

Once the Guru reached Naina Devi. Many Sikhs were accompanying him.

He camped near the temple of the Goddess as that was the time of annual festival so many hill rulers and people had reached there to pay homage to the Goddess.

There was great rush and the tents were erected all along the lane. While paying homage to the Goddess the people were offering money and gifts to it. Priests were very busy in collecting the money and valuable gifts.

One Sikh named Bhairon went to see the statue of Goddess. When he saw the idol of Goddess, he laughed.

He was pleased to see the people bowing before the beautiful idol. He thought a plan and drew his sword and ran towards the idol of Goddess.

Reaching near the idol he took the garland of the Goddess in his hand. Then he ran so fast that he reached his camp.

When pilgrims saw this incident, they began to cry and weep. They complained about it to the local hill ruler. They all believed that culprit had gone in the camp of the Guru.

On the request of the people the local ruler visited the camp of the Guru and met Guru Hargobind.

He said, 'Your one Sikh has stolen the garland of the idol of holy Goddess. The devotees were crying and weeping. It is a very heinous crime. You should hand over the culprit to us.'

On hearing this, the Guru said, 'Our Sikhs never tell a lie, guilty person would present himself before you.'

The priest had seen the guilty person. So he said, 'I can recognize the culprit, let me see your Sikhs.'

The Guru permitted him without any hesitation. The priest picked up Bhai Bhairon.

Bhai Bhairon said, 'I am ready to face the consequences, if you do justice with me. First tell me what crime I have done?'

The priest said, 'You have stolen the garland of the holy Goddess.'

Bhai Bhairon replied, 'First let me meet your Goddess. It seems the priest has been blaming me in order to save himself.'

The local ruler and priest took him to the temple. A few Sikhs also joined them to see the reality.

When they entered inside the temple they saw the Goddess without the garland.

Bhai Bhairon said, 'O priest! Let me ask the holy Goddess if I had stolen her garland.'

Then he addressed the Goddess and said, 'O my dear mother, the holy Goddess! Tell these all people without any hesitation and fear, had I stolen your garland? Please tell the truth otherwise this priest would kill your innocent servant.'

All pilgrims began to laugh at such a request of Bhai Bhairon. They were saying to each other, 'He seems to be a fool of the first order, he even does not know that stones never speak.'

Then Bhai Bhairon addressed the ruler and said, 'Sir! You should yourself ask the all powerful Goddess if I have done any harm to her. She knows very well who has harmed her and she is the first person who can tell the truth. Please ask her. I am also agonized to see her without garland. She possesses intuitional powers. She knows very well who has struck her a blow.'

The pilgrims said, 'He is a foolish man, let him go, he even does not know that the Goddess can't speak.

Hearing these words of the pilgrims Bhai Bhairon said, 'God knows who is fool and who is wise. The Goddess who can't express herself, who can't ask for justice, who can't save herself, how such a helpless Goddess can give you any sort of relief or peace to you?'

All the pilgrims realized that Bhai Bhairon was not a foolish man, but they themselves were stupid fellows, who worshipped the stones. The hill ruler released Bhai Bhairon.

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