The Fourth War

Guru Hargobind made up his mind to stay for sometime at Kartarpur because of marriage of (Guru) Tegh bahadur.

Once a trader Kabli Mal offered a white falcon, one horse, one precious dress, one shield and one Halbi Sword to the Guru.

The Guru gave that falcon to Baba Gurditta and other articles he handed over to Painde Khan. He also advised Painde Khan to attend the Darbar daily while wearing the new precious dress.

But Painde Khan gave that dress to his son-in-law and did not attend the Darbar for many days. His son-in-law Usman Khan stole the white falcon of Baba Gurditta.

When Painde Khan was asked about the falcon he said, 'I have no knowledge about it, I am not a watchman of falcons.'

When the Guru heard such rash words of Painde Khan, he ordered the Sikhs to make a thorough house search of Painde Khan.

When they made a house search, they found the falcon there. Then Painde Khan was ordered to appear in the Darbar.

But when he presented himself in the Darbar, he used very arrogant language. He said, 'If the Guru considers himself very powerful, it is only due to me.'

Hearing these words the Guru dismissed him from his service.

Painde Khan became an enemy of the Guru. He met Nawab of Jalandhar and offered his services to him.

Painde Khan also met all the enemies of the Guru. He met son of Lalla Beg whose name was Malik Anwar Khan. He exploited him and through him met other enemies of Guru, Kaale Khan and Zafar Beg.

Guru Hargobind was quite alert about the movements of Painde Khan. He also sent messages to his brave Sikhs. The Sikhs flocked towards Kartarpur and the Guru prepared himself to meet the dire consequences.

Kale Khan and Painde Khan gathered their soldiers and reached Kartarpur. They motivated the soldiers that if they would kill the Guru, then they would be rewarded with rich amounts.

The Guru also came out of Kartarpur with his Sikh soldiers to meet the enemy.

Kaale Khan and Anwar Khan attacked with great force. The Guru and his Sikhs shot arrows and bullets with such a great force that the enemy was forced to retreat.

Then Painde Khan struck his horse with his heel and stopped him before the Guru.

Seeing him the Guru said, 'Come on my boy! You are free to attack first.'

Pained Khan was afraid of Guru's archery. He said, 'Keep aside your bow and let us fight with our swords.'

The Guru hung the bow on his shoulder and asked Painde Khan to attack.

Painde Khan attacked but the Guru took it on his shield. Pained Khan again attacked with such a force that his sword was broken into two pieces.

Pained Khan left his horse and ran towards the Guru to upside down the horse. He sat under the horse but was unable to lift the horse.

Then the Guru bent down and struck his shield on his head with great force. Pained Khan fell on the ground. The Guru left his horse and came near Painde Khan.

Providing shade to his head with his shield the Guru said, 'Painde Khan remembers your God and recite the Kalma.'

Painde Khan spoke, 'Your benevolence is my Kalma' and died.

When Usman Khan, the son-in-law of Painde Khan, found him dead he rushed towards the Guru.

But Baba Gurditta killed him with one arrow.

Anwar Khan and Zafar Khan were killed by the Sikhs.

But Kaale Khan advanced to attack the Guru. He attacked the Guru thrice, but the Guru stopped his blows with his shield.

Then the Guru himself attacked and said, 'This is the proper way to attack' and with one blow he killed Kaale Khan.

The Guru won the fourth battle as well.

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