Baba Gurditta

Baba Gurditta was born on 8 Kaatak samvat 1670 at village Daroli to mother Damodari. He was the eldest son of Guru Hargobind.

Being the eldest he was also called Tikka Sahib. He always remained at the service of the Guru. He was also supervising the work of management.

The Guru also had a great regard for him. Bhai Rama was very fond of him and he wanted to marry his daughter to Sri Gurditta. Guru Hargobind knew about this.

One day he called Bhai Rama and said, 'You want your daughter to marry to Gurditta, but being poor you are not darling to put up your proposal. But I tell you, a true Sikh should not call himself poor. I am ready to make you my relative.'

Bhai Rama was very pleased to hear this. Baba Gurditta was betrothed to the daughter of Bhai Rama.

After a few months marriage was arranged. He was married at Batala. Two sons were born in his house. They were Sri Dhir Mal ji and (Guru) Har Rai ji.

Once Guru Hargobind advised Baba Gurditta to go to Kiratpur and construct a new city.

Baba Gurditta went to Kiratpur and he got constructed a new city with hard labour. He was also a great warrior and he knew to handle all types of weapons.

In the battle of Kartarpur, he fought very bravely and killed Usman Khan with one arrow only. After the battle of Kartarpur, he made Kiratpur his permanent abode.

One day Baba Gurditta went to Jungle to play the game of hunting. His one friend mistook cow as a deer and killed it.

When the owner of the cow found it, he began to weep. When they offered him the price of the cow he refused to take money.

Instead he said, 'I want my cow alive, you are the son of Guru you can return back my cow.'

He again began to weep loudly. Baba Gurditta took pity on him and revived the cow.

The story of making the dead cow alive reached the ears of Guru Hargobind. He became very angry and he called for Baba Gurditta and reprimanded him for such misdeed.

He said, 'When have you become partner of God? Life and death are in the hands of God. Who are you to give life to the dead?'

Baba Gurditta loved the Guru so much that he could not bear his displeasure and resentment. He went near the tomb of Baba Budhan Shah and sat in meditation.

While contemplating the Name of god he merged his human light with the Supreme light.

When Guru Hargobind heard about it, He was very grieved. Then Guru Hargobind performed the last rites and the turban was offered to (Guru) Har Rai.

The members of the Udaseen Sect from all over India gathered at Kiratpur to pay homage to their departed leader.

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