Merged into the Superme Light

When Baba Gurditta passed away Dhir Mal considering himself as the eldest son of Baba Gurditta claimed as the real heir to the Gurgaddi.

But he knew well that Guru Hargobind Sahib would not consider him capable for the Gurgaddi. For this purpose he met King Shahjahan.

But when Guru Hargobind got information about such conspiracies and intrigues of Dhir Mal he said, 'Dhir Mal is an incarnation of Pirthia.'

The Sikhs were well aware about the cunning nature of Dhir Mal they had concluded that the Guru would never offer him the Gurgaddi.

The Guru liked very much the younger son of Baba Gurditta. He always kept him with him. He was training him under his own supervision.

(Guru) Har Rai was a very affable boy and he was spending more time in the study of Gurbani.

When Guru Hargobind perceived that his last time was near, he made up his mind to bestow Gurgaddi on (Guru) Har Rai.

He considered (Guru) Har Rai most suitable for that responsibility. He sent messages to selected Sikhs and Masands to reach Kiratpur.

He installed Guru Har Rai on Gurgaddi. He placed before him five paisa, a coconut and the Granth and bowed before him.

Baba Bhana donned him with a beautiful sword and tied aigrette to his turban.

Then Baba Bhana himself bowed before Guru Har Rai.

The Sikhs and Masands bowed before him turn by turn.

Then addressing the congregation the Guru Hargobind said, 'You should now consider Guru Har Rai as my form. The Guru is a light and now the light of Guru has merged in Guru Har Rai.'

Then He Himself bowed before Guru Har Rai and asked Sooraj Mal, Ani Rai and (Guru) Tegh Bahadur to do the same.

They also came turn by turn and bowed him with great reverence. No one objected or boycotted.

After fixing the responsibility of Gurgaddi to Guru Har Rai, Guru Hargobind was spending his most time in meditation.

When the time of merger in the supreme light came near He addressed the Sikhs and his relatives and said, 'I advise you not to weep on my death, instead recite the Gurbani.'

One day when He was hearing the singing of the Gurbani, his light merged with the Supreme Light. He passed away.

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