Repentance of King Jahangir

King Jahangir invited the Guru and said, 'I was ill informed that you were raising an army in order to take revenge for your father's assassination. But now I have found the truth. You culprit is Chandu Shah. So now I have decided to handover to you Chandu shah and his family.'

But the Guru said, 'I am a Darvesh, I do not want to avenge the murder of my father.'

Then the Guru asked his men to make preparation to retrun home.

But when the King heard about it he asked the guru to stay with him for a few more days. The Guru agreed.

One day King invited the Guru to accompany him for a hunting expedition. The Guru who himself was a great lover of this game, accepted the invitation.

During the expedition when they entered the dense forests, a tiger attacked the King.

The Royal party who was accompanying the King, shot many bullets at the tiger, but due to panic they could not harm the tiger. It appeared as if the tiger was about to kill the King.

When Guru Hargobind saw it, He dismounted from his horse and pulled out his sword and stood against the tiger. He carried his shield in his left hand.

When the tiger saw that another man was standing before him, he jumped with great force and attacked the Guru.

But the Guru struck his shield on the head of the tiger with such an aggression that tiger fell on the ground. Then with a speed of lightening the Guru pierced his sword in the belly of the tiger.

When the King found that tiger lying dead, he came near the Guru and admired his bravery.

He said, 'I have not seen such a gallant hero. You have killed the lion single handed as if it was a cat or a dog.'

Then the King became a great friend of the Guru and always invited the Guru, for the hunting expeditions.

One day when the Guru and the King were camping in a forest, a poor grass cutter came and placed two paisa before the King and said, 'O True King! I am a worthless sinner, please wash my sins and grant me deliverance from the cycle of life and death. I have bought a small bundle of grass for your horse, kindly accept it.'

When King Jahangir heard him, he said, 'I am not a true King, I am a King of Hindustan. Your true King is there.'

Then the King pointed towards the tent of Guru Hargobind.

Hearing this, the grass cutter was perplexed and he took the two paisas and the bundle of grass and went towards the Guru's tent. He placed two paisa before the Guru and placing the bundle of grass on one side knelt down to pay homage to the Guru.

He said, 'My Lord! Forgive me I took the ordinary King as the True King. Please accept my offerings I am very poor man and I earn money by selling the grass. You are True King help me at the time of my death so that I may swim the world of ocean to attain salvation.'

This episode changed the life of King Jahangir and he realized that True King was greater than him.

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