Gift of Child to Sulakhani

One day when He was going towards viilage Chabba along with his companions.

A lady named Sulakhani came and stood in front of the horse of the Guru.

This lady belonged to village Chabba and was issueless. She had met many hypocrites, but her desire remained unfulfilled.

When she heard that true Guru Hargobind himself had been visiting his village then she took a pen and inkpot and stood in the way of the Guru.

After stopping the horse of the Guru, she said, 'My Lord! I am wandering in this world as a childless. But who ever goes to your door never comes fruitless. Please bestow a gift of child.'

The Guru said, 'My child! God has not written a child in your fate.'

Then Sulakhani said, 'You are writer of the fate. If you write fate there, then you can also write it here.'

Then she handed over pen, inkpot and a paper to the Guru to write her fate.

But when the Guru took the pen to write One, the horse shook his leg and the word One changed into Seven.

History is witness that in the house of Sulakhani seven sons were born and they served the house of Guru with great love and devotion.

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