Painde Khan

One day under the leadership of Ismail Khan some Pathans met the Guru at Kartarpur and requested him to enroll them in his army. They were twenty six in number.

The Guru took their interview one by one and enrolled them in his army. With those Pathans there was one young Gilji boy, who had come with his widow mother to pay homage to the Guru.

Actually his mother had heard that Guru Hargobind was very benevolent, so she had come to get some assistance from the Guru.

She told the Guru that she was a homeless widow and her son was too young to do any job.

When the Guru heard her story, he saw towards the boy. He seemed to him a very promising young boy.

The Guru asked his Sikhs to make arrangement for her residence and also to allot some land for her livelihood. The name of the young boy was Painde Khan.

The Guru took his responsibility for the nourishment of the boy. He made adequate arrangement for his healthy growth. He appointed great warrior Ismail Khan as his instructor.

After a few years Painde Khan proved to be an unrivalled wrestler and a brave soldier. His games were also very astonishing. The people considered him a magician.

He was so powerful that he used to rub the engraved words on the silver coin by grinding with his thumb. He also could twist the coin with his palm.

Another interesting game was that he could carry a full grown buffalo on his shoulders by tying its legs. The people were coming from far and near to see his feat.

He was so mighty that he could throw the horse and its rider with the help of his shoulders.

He proved his bravery in the first battle of Sikhs, which was fought near the fort of Lohgarh at Amritsar. He came out from the fort and crushing the Mughal soldiers, killed the Mukhlas Khan's associate, Didar Ali, with one powerful blow.

Then the Mughal Army ran before him as if they were sheep and goats.

The Guru praised him very much for his bravery shown in that battle.

But this appreciation made him conceited. He became so arrogant that he even said that the Guru had won the battle due to him. It was the reason that the Guru did not call him in the other two battles.

The fourth battle which the Guru was forced to fight was due to Painde Khan's betrayal. He forgot the patronage of the Guru and for a trifle falcon became an ardent enemy of the Guru.

Though he considered himself very brave he did not dare to fight alone with the Guru.

Therefore he met the governor of Lahore and complained against the guru. He told them that he had remained with the Guru from very young age and he knew all the shortcomings of the Guru.

The Governor of Lahore agreed and he sent ZKaale Khan as commander of the ten thousand soldiers for his help. In the fiercely fought battle Kaale Khan was killed.

When Painde Khan saw that Kaale Khan had been killed he himself came to fight with the Guru.

When the Guru saw Painde Khan in front of him he said, 'Painde Khan! Come on, you are allowed to attack first.'

Painde Khan attacked a severe blow, but the Guru took it on his shield.

Then the Guru again asked him to attack.

This time Painde Khan attacked the Guru with such a mighty force that the sword striking the shield broke into two pieces.

Painde Khan dismounted from his horse and advanced towards Guru in order to overthrow his horse.

But the Guru struck his shield on the head of Painde Khan and he fell down losing his senses.

The Guru dismounting from his horse came near Painde Khan and said, 'Painde Khan! Remember your God and recite the Kalma.'

Painde Khan spoke, 'Your benevolence is my Kalma' and died.

It is said that the Guru was deeply moved at Painda Khan's death. The Guru took out his shield and put it on his face to provide him shade from the sun.

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