The First War

In those days only Kings and their relatives were allowed to play the game of hunting. For this purpose many forests were reserved for them.

But Guru Hargobind was encouraging and inspiring his Sikhs to play the game of hunting. He wanted to make them brave and undaunted warriors.

One day when the Sikhs were wandering in the forest they reached the place where the members of the royal family were also playing the game of hunting.

One hawk of the royal party fell into the hands of Sikhs. When the royal party asked the Sikhs to return their hawk, the Sikhs refused.

At this members of the royal party said, 'We will inform about this to the Governor of Lahore and you will have to face the consequences.'

But the Sikhs replied, 'We are not afraid of any body, you can do whatever you like.'

The royal hunters complained about this to the Governor of Lahore.

They told him, 'If today they can dare to snatch a hawk, tomorrow they will try to grab the royal crown.'

Hearing this, Governor lost his temper and appointed Mukhlis Khan the commander of an army consisting of more than seven thousand heads. He asked him to attack the Sikhs and to annihilate them completely.

When Guru Hargobind heard about this, He asked his Sikhs to make preparations to face the enemy.

The marriage of Bibi Viro, the daughter of Guru Hargobind had already been fixed, which was only two days after. So the Guru shifted the venue of marriage to Jhabal.

First battle was fought at Pipli Sahib. The army of the common people faced the Royal Army. This was such a battle that on one side was a well equipped army of the Mughals and on the other side were common folk.

But these common people fought so bravely that royal army was forced to retreat.

Then the Guru ordered his army to enter the fort of Lohgarh and the gate was closed.

When the Sikhs found that Mughal army was resting outside without any fear, they took the stone gun and threw shower of stones on the enemy.

The royal army was perplexed to see such an attack of stones. A large number of soldiers were hurt seriously and the rest ran away to safe places.

When next day the Mughal army again came to attack the fort, Painde Khan took the command of the Sikh army and opened the gate.

The Sikhs came out and fell upon the Mughal army like lions. Painde Khan was crushing and killing the Mughals in such a way as if they were sheep and goats.

Then Painde Khan challenged Didar Ali a close associate of Mukhlis Khan but he could not even bear his first blow. He was killed there and then,

Seeng this Mukhlis Khan asked the Guru to fight a duel with him.

The Guru asked Mukhlis Khan to strike the blow first.

Mukhlis Khan attacked with great power but the Guru stopped his blow on his shield.

Then Guru fell upon Mukhlis Khan and in the twinkling of an eye he killed him with one blow.

When Mughal army saw that Mukhlis Khan had been killed, they ran away.

The Guru asked his Sikhs not to chase the running army.

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