Early Life

(Guru) Harkrishan, the eight Guru of the Sikhs was born on 7th July, 1656 at Kiratpur. His father was Guru Har Rai and the name of his mother was Mata Krishan.

At the time of his birth Guru Har Rai predicted that the Child would do such a great deed, which had not been done so far in the world.

(Guru) Harkrishan was a very attractive and charming child. Whoever had a glimpse of the Divine child became his fan. All were considering him incarnation of God. His enchanting smile was bewitching the congregation.

When the Sikh congregation of far and near came to know the birth of (Guru) Harkrishan, they thronged towards Kiratpur in order to have a glimpse of the Divine Child. They presented precious gifts to the Child. All the visitors were feeling fascinated on seeing the handsome face of the child.

He was an extremely attractive, fair in complexion and with sharp features. He had bright eyes and there was a glow on his face. When he grew up, even at the early age he had a very sharp memory. When he was of one year old, he was able to walk and talk.

He used to attend the Darbar and sat there like the matured persons. When he was three years old, his father Guru Har Rai ji made arrangements for his education. As he was very intelligent he learnt to read and write within a year.

Very soon he remembered a great many hymns of the Gurus. He recited the hymns with a very sweet voice. The devotees were very anxious to hear the holy hymns recited by him. Many time, he sat in the Darbar with folding legs and closing his eyes in meditation.

He was very fond of his father. When he was finding his father free of daily routine, then he used to ask him many mystical questions. He was always asking his father to narrate the life stories of great Gurus. Guru Har Rai ji related him many interesting and wonderful stories from the lives of Guru Nanak and other Gurus.

One day (Guru) Harkrishan saw a wounded snake. A large cluster of ants were scratching his flesh. The snake was in great trouble. He tried very hard to run away, but ants swarmed around in such a way that he could not move even an inch.

On seeing such a critical condition of the snake, (Guru) Harkrishan said, 'What is the guilt of this snake that sucha large number of ants has been eating his flesh and he has been fluttering with pain.'

Hearing this Guru Har Rai said, 'This snake was a deceitful monk in his previous birth. He was befooling the simple and religious minded people. These ants are those simple people whom he looted with cunning contrivances. He was such a hypocrite that instead of helping those grieved people, he was even troubling them. Himself he was living a very luxurious life. Those people in the form of ants, has been scratching his flesh. The deceitful persons have to face such consequences.'

(Guru) Harkrishan was amazed to hear such a story of an old rich monk.

(Guru) Harkrishan was very fond of travelling. He always accompanied Guru Har Rai ji during his journeys.

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