Keeping His Promise

After knowing from Raja Jai Singh about the Queen's incident, King Aurangzeb became a devotee of the Guru. He made up his mind to win the heart of the Guru.

He sent his prince Muazzam Shah to stay with Guru. The prince was of the same age as of the Guru. He was very impressed to see the royal living of the Guru.

The Langar was running day and night. The disciples were coming and after bowing before the child. Guru was offering him many precious gifts. He became the friend of the Guru very soon.

One day prince requested the Guru that he wanted to eat rare and unseasonal fruits. The Guru provided him all types of fruits which the prince wished.

Then prince requested the Guru to meet the King.

But the Guru declined and said, 'I do not want to see such a cruel King. He had not only killed his father, brothers and sons, but also was killing the innocent people. He has been forcing the Hindus to baptize Islam.'

Staying for few days with the Guru the prince returned back to his palace. He told about the nobleness of Guru Harkrishan. He also informed him that he did not agree to meet him.

On hearing this, King's agony to meet the Guru increased. He was always planning how to have a glimpse of the Guru.

One day he disguised himself and took his youngest son with him and went towards the Banglow of Raja Jai singh to meet the Guru.

When he reached the abode of the Guru then the servants informed the Guru about the presence of King Aurangzeb.

The Guru asked his servants to close the doors. King Aurangzeb sent the prince to request the Guru but the Guru told him that he would prefer to die than to meet King Aurangzeb.

The King waited for an hour at the door of the Guru. At last he went away without beholding the Guru.

The Guru thought that it was not proper to stay at Banglow of Raja Jai Singh because it was possible that King Aurangzeb could come there anytime.

He called a meeting of his trust worthy Sikhs and after consultation He shifted his camp in inn of Bhai Kalyan.

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