The inn where Guru was shift because of King Aurangzeb, was in the heart of the city and the population of that area was very dense. The people were poor and they even could not get the pure water to quench their thirst. They were suffering from many types of diseases and were leading a very painful life.

There the Guru opened a hospital and kept there all types of medicines. He resolved to look after the grieved people of that area.

When the people heard that the Guru had been camping in the inn they flocked to seek a glimpse of the Guru. The crowds of sufferers and sick increased very much.

The Guru used to hear the grievances of all and helped them according to their requirements. He was even attending the patients of other areas accompanied by his Sikhs. He even cured many patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Guru's one glance was making the distressed hale and hearty.

The Guru was running a Langar for the poor people and made arrangements for the supply of the pure water.

Musicians started the singing of the holy hymns in the inn of Bhai Kalyana.

The Guru also used to address the gathering. He was preaching them to lead a true and honorable life. He was also telling them to believe in One God.

This benevolence of the Guru had won the hearts of the residents of Delhi. The people of all creeds and colours were coming to seek the glimpse of the Guru.

Many Muslim Faqirs became devotees of the Guru and they used to come daily for exchange of ideas. They were benefiting from the healthy discussions. Many people were coming to hear the learned sermons of the Child Guru.

The Guru was satisfying one and all.

King Aurangzeb was being informed about the activities of the Guru.

They were poisoning his mind by telling him that the popularity of the Guru was increasing day by day. The people of Delhi were paying him full respect.

His secret force was of the view that if the Guru remained there for a long time then He would draw all poor people in his faith. They were requesting the King to arrest the Guru.

But King Aurangzeb did not want to put him behind the bars. He wanted to meet him cordially.

But the Guru had already vowed that he would not see King Aurangzeb at any cost. He was ready to face dire consequences.

At last to keep his vow the Guru adopted a unique method.

During those days small pox epidemic was at rage in Delhi. The patients of smallpox were cured by mere a glimpse of the Guru.

Patients of all religious started coming to the inn, the Guru remained surrounded by the patients at all times of the day. The epidemic was increasing day by day.

But the Guru did not bear such condition of the poor people. They were dying like dogs and cats. He determined to take the disease of all patients on himself.

By doing this it was possible that the people of Delhi would be saved from this dreadful disease and He would also be able to keep his promise of not meeting King Aurangzeb.

At last, He himself became a patient of smallpox.

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