Merged With Supreme Light

According to the command of his father Guru Harkrishan succeeded in keeping the promise. He had determined not to see King Aurangzeb during his life as he had made up his mind to merge into the Supreme Being.

This was the reflection of the celestial insight of the Guru. In such a tender age the Guru did not care about his life, in order to keep his promise, he took the dreadful disease on himself, but he relieved the residents of the Delhi from the rage of smallpox.

This was also a miracle that he decided to merge with God on the pretence of illness. He was well aware that the cruel King would not spare him. He did not want to show miracles like his elder brother.

Though He fell seriously ill, but He was paying visits to his patients. His disciples were requesting him to take rest, but He was quite unaware of his sickness.

As a routine He was visiting the houses of grieved patients. All were recovering by using his medicine.

But the sickness of the Guru was increasing day by day. The devotees were wondering that the rage of the smallpox was steadily declining but the health of Guru was deteriorating gradually.

When the worried congregation asked to explain them the enigma of such developments then the Guru smiled and said, 'O Beloved of the Guru! I have come here to cure the residents of Delhi from the horrible disease of smallpox. This disease can leave the patients on one condition. If someone dares to take the disease on himself then they can be saved from the rage of the disease. I have determined to take the disease of all the patients on myself.'

When He saw the grieved and distressed face of his Mother Krishan and He said, 'I have decided to absorb into the Supreme Being. You should not worry about this.'

Hearing these words the Mother said, 'But as True King you were bestowing celestial pleasures to all the Sikhs. All were feeling happy under your guidance. You have been curing the afflicted poor people. Your benevolence won the hearts of all.'

The Guru said, 'All is happening according to the Will of God. Nothing is without Him and nor shall ever be. He Himself cherishes and protects the poor. Please meditate on the Name of God and get true happiness. There is no danger to the house of Guru Nanak. The Guruship will continue forever.'

When the residents of Delhi and other devotees heard these words of the Guru they flocked to pay him homage. He advised them to recite the true Name of God.

He told them that who would recite the Name of God from the core of his heart. He will be always with him.

One Sikh Baba Gurditta stood up and said, 'My Lord! If you have made up your mind to go to the world of the God, then please tell us, 'Who will guide us, who will show us the Divine path.'

Then the Guru asked Baba Gurditta to bring a coconut and five paisas.

Baba Gurditta placing all these things in a plate came near the bed of the Guru.

The Guru touched these things with the right hand and then encircling his hand round those articles, bowed his head and said 'Guru Baba Bakale.'

Then as He desired, He was removed to a house on the bank Jamuna where He merged into the Supreme Light.

He was hardly eight years old when He left this world.

He was cremated at a place called Tilokhari on the banks of the Jamuna in South Delhi.

When Guru Gobind Singh wrote ‘Bhagvati di Vaar' then in those hymns he specially wrote these lines about Guru Harkrishan :

'Remember and meditate upon respected Guru Harkrishan
By having the sight of whom all pains vanish.'

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