Leper Cured

On one hand, the Guru Harkrishan was giving the people the medicine of Name of God and on the other hand he was also providing them medicine to cure them from chronic ailments. He used to attend the hospital daily.

But the Brahmins were not believed that Guru Harkrishan possessed the spiritual powers. They decided to test the spiritual powers of the Guru.

So they advised a leper to meet Guru Harkrishan. They said, 'He will cure you by his grace.'

One day when Guru Harkrishan was going towards hospital sitting in his palanquin. The leper lay down in the way of the Guru and began to weep.

The Guru asked the servants to place down the palanquin. He came out of the palanquin and asked the leper the reason of his weeping.

The leper cried, 'O my Lord! I am very distressed, I have been suffering from leprosy. Please cure me of this affliction.'

The Guru took out a handkerchief from his pocket and handing over that to leper said, 'First recite the Name of God and then rub this handkerchief over your afflicted body.'

According to the advice of the Guru the leper rubbed the handkerchief over his body. He at once felt relieved. Within few days he was completely cured and became healthy.

The Brahmins who had sent the leper in order to test the spiritual powers of the Guru, felt ashamed.

This news of the cure of the leper spread far and wide. Patients suffering from chronic diseases were coming to get medicines from the dispensary of Guru.

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