Jaswant Rai

Once the Sikhs of Peshawar came to pay homage to the Guru Harktishan.

When a professional thief Jaswant Rai came to know that the Sikhs were going to Kiratpur, he also accompanied them. He had heard from the devotees that there was no dearth of anything in the house of the Guru. Guru's treasury always remained full.

The thief Jaswant Rai thought that there would be a very easy task to steal the money. So he also reached Kiratpur with other Sikhs.

The devotees entered the Darbar of the Guru. After paying homage to the Guru, they were placing the offerings in front of the Guru.

Then Guru presented them a robe of honour turn by turn.

When the turn of thief Jaswant Rai came he bowed and presented his gift to the Guru.

But the Guru instead of blessing him said,

'No one gives assent to a thief

How could a thief's work be praised?'

When the thief Jaswant Rai instead of getting words of blessing from the Guru, heard these words, he began to weep loudly,

Guru said, 'Why are you weeping? You should relinquish the habit of burglary. A thief has no place in the society. No one praises him and shirk his company.'

Jaswant Rai became calm and with folded hands bowing before the Guru said, 'I solemnly declare that I renounce burglary forever. For my livelihood I will do work with my hands.'

The Guru blessed him and presented him a robe of honour.

Jaswant Rai became a completely changed man.

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