Departure for Delhi

Baba Ram Rai complained to King Aurangzeb against Guru Harkrishan. He said, 'Muslim is in danger as the Muslim Pir Faqirs are baptizing Sikhism. You should send summoned for Guru Harkrishan to Delhi.'

Baba Ram Rai knew well that Guru Harkrishan will not meet King Aurangzeb forever. He thought that if the Guru met the king then he would be going against his father's desire and thus brings upon himself the displeasure of his devotees.

But if he refused to go to Delhi, King Aurangzeb would take strict action against Him.

Raja Jai singh was also sitting in the Darbar. He was known for his devotion to the Sikh Gurus. King Aurangzeb asked Raja Jai singh to send a call to Guru Harkrishan to see him in Delhi.

He sent his Diwan Paras Ram with some horsemen to bring the Guru with him.

After reaching Kiratpur after two days, Paras Ram handed over Guru one letter from Raja Jai Singh and one letter from King Aurangzeb.

Next day those letters were read in the Darbar. The Guru sought the advice of Baba Gurditta, Bhai Dargah Mal and Bhai Mani singh. They asked the Guru to go to Delhi.

According to the request of the Sikhs the Guru agreed to go to Delhi. But he told them that he would not meet the King. He would not go against the wishes of his father.

He said, 'I am not afraid of the King. I will keep the promise at any cost.'

The Guru left Kiratpur for Delhi along with his Mother Krishan, his loyal Sikhs, musicians and the drum beaters. Twenty two hundred armed horsemen also accompanied him. Staying for two days at Ropar he reached Panjokhra Sahib via Kurali, Kharar and Banoor.

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