Panjokhara Sahib

When the Sikhs came to know that the Guru was on his way to Delhi they gathered in large number at every stage of his journey.

When they reached Panjokhara a Sikh told the Guru that devotees of Kashmir had come to see him at Kiratpur.

But when they had been informed that the Guru had left for Delhi they had been coming towards Panjokhara.

The Sikhs requested the Guru to stay at Panjokhara for a few days so that the devotees of Kashmir could have a glimpse of him. The benevolent Guru agreed and they decided to stay at Panjokhara.

There the tents were erected and musicians started singing of the holy hymns.

Next day the congregation of Kashmir reached there. The Guru met them warmly. A Darbar was held and the Guru addressed the congregation.

He said, 'Rely on only One God. He is sole Supreme Being. He is beyond form, feature and color. He was true in beginning true was in primeval age, true. He is true now and He will be true in future. He Himself has raised all creation and Himself is performer of wonders. He Himself is one and He is infinite. Whenever He pleases, He creates world and whenever He pleases He absorbs it into Himself.'

The congregation heard the Guru with great interest.

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