Chaju Jewar and Geeta

One day when the Guru was holding the Darbar and a large number of devotees were sitting before him, then a Brahmin of Panjokhara came there. His name was Lal Chand.

He asked a Sikh, 'Which Maharaja is camping here with his attendants. '

The Sikh replied, 'Guru Harkrishan is camping here and he is addressing his devotees.'

The Brahmin laughed at the audience. He could not understand the devotees paying homage to a mere child of less than eight years. He considered himself a very learned man.

When he heard the name of the Guru, then he again laughed and said, 'It is very easy to name oneself Krishan but it is very difficult to act as Krishan. The great author of Gita was called Krishna but this child styles himself as Harkrishan. It means he considers himself greater than Krishan. If he is Krishan then he should interpret the Gita for me.'

On hearing this Guru asked the Brahmin, 'Pandit ji! What do you want?'

The Brahmin replied, 'You have been named Krishan, but you must know that Krishan was incarnation of Vishnu. He imparted the knowledge of Gita, I fear if you can render the meaning of a single line of the Gita.'

The Guru said, 'Your fear is true, it is possible that I may not be able to satisfy you. But for your satisfaction I advise you that you should go to the village and bring a foolish and illiterate person. Also bring with you two or three learned Brahmin's, that illiterate person will satisfy you.'

Lal Chand went to the village and met Chhajju Jhiwar who was illiterate and dumb. He asked him to accompany him and they reached the Darbar of the Guru.

The Guru asked Chhajju to come near to him. The Guru saw towards Chhajju and blessed him.

At the first glance of the Guru, Chhajju, who was dumb, began to speak.

The Pandit was astonished to see that miracle.

Then the Guru told the Brahmin to ask any type of questions from Chhajju.

The Pandit asked ten very difficult questions.

But chhajju replied like a scholar.

Then the Brahmin asked Chhajju to interpret the meanings of the Gita.

Chhajju asked the Brahmin to recite the verses of Gita and he would explain the meaning of the verses.

When Brahmin read some verses, Chhajju explained them in such a way that the Brahmin became dumb.

When Chhajju asked Brahmin to speak more verses, but Pandit could not speak. He lost his memor. He tried very hard but could not utter a single word.

When the Pandit saw this miracle, he fell at the feet of the Guru.

Then Guru advised him to fell at the feet of the simple and illiterate Chhajju.

The Brahmin was so impressed by the Spiritual power of the Guru that he became his Sikh.

Chhajju had given such a splendid display of his learning of Vedas and Shastras that the Pandit was completely humbled. He perceived that it was due only to blessings of the Guru that an illiterate and dumb fellow could talk about classical treatises with such authority and understanding.

So he was forced to fell at the feet of the Guru. He requested the Guru to forgive him for his arrogance and ego.

The Guru blessed him and bestowed him with gift of Name.

Chhajju who was a very poor man and had never attended any school, became a great scholar.

All devotees had witnessed that great miracle of the Guru.

Those people who were thinking that child Guru did not possess Spiritual powers like his elders were convinced and they bowed before the Guru with great reverence.

When the residents of the village of Panjokhara heard about this act of the Guru, they thronged to get the blessings of the great Guru.

They asked the Guru to show them the way to cross the worldly ocean.

The Guru said, 'What you have seen here this is neither a miracle nor a surprising trick. All happened due to ego and self praise of the Pandit. The Name of God is for all castes. Who, to whatever caste he may belong if utters the Name of God can attain salvation. Those who by his grace cherish Him in their hearts even the fools. Illiterates, dumbs and deafs get liberation and swim across the worldly ocean. A man does not become Pandit by mere taking birth in the house of Brahmins.'

The devotees heard the sermon of the Guru with great attention. They had never heard such a scholarly sermon.

All were saying, 'Great Guru Harkrishan, Dhan Guru Harkrishan!'

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