Journey To Delhi

After teaching a lesson to Pandit Lal Chand, the Guru Harkrishan asked the devotees to return back. When all the disciples left Panjokhara then the Guru marched towards Delhi.

From Panjokhara He reached Lakhnaur. Staying one night in village named 'More' they arrived at Shahbad.

Leaving Shahbad they reached Kurukshetra and camped there.

When the disciples of that area heard about the arrival of the Guru, they flocked to pay a homage to the Guru.

The congregation of the village Ladwa under leadership of Udo also arrived there.

Bhai Udo was that Sikh who helped Bhai Jaita to carry away the holy head of Guru Tegh Bahadur from Chandni Chowk to Anandpur Sahib.

The Guru stayed at Kurkshetra for two days.

On the third day, when He started his journey all the devotees followed him.

The Guru asked them many times to return back but they requested the Guru to let them to enjoy his company. The number of devotees was increasing stage by stage.

The disciples of Panipat and Sonipat also accompanied the Guru upto Delhi.

When Raja Jai Singh was informed about the arrival of the Guru, he came to receive the Guru accompanied by his officers and Sikh devotees.

The Guru asked his devotees to go to their villages. They all returned back.

Raja Jai Singh took the Guru, his Mother Krishan and other honourable disciples to his Bunglow. They stayed in one separate portion of the Banglow.

After two days Raja Jai Singh met the Guru and said, 'My Lord! King Aurangzeb wants to meet you. Where would you be like to adjoin?'

The Guru said boldly, 'At the time of departure I had already told your minister Paras Ram that I would not meet King Aurangzeb at any cost. Neither I will attend the Darbar nor do I allow seeing him at your Banglow. Your minister had assured me that you would not ask me to meet King Aurangzeb.'

Raja Jai Singh and his courtiers were astounded by hearing such bold reply from young Guru. They were amazed to see such a determination of the Guru. They did not try to persuade him.

Raja Jai Singh had a great respect of the Guru, but he was forced by King Aurangzeb to ask the Guru.

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