Recognition of Queen

Raja Jai Singh informed Aurangzeb about the decision of the Guru, King Aurangzeb was baffled to learn that the Guru had declined his invitation for a meeting.

But he wanted to see the Guru by hook or crook. He sent very precious pearls, jewels, clothes and a rosary as presents.

But the Guru kept the rosary and returned all valuable articles.

When King Aurangzeb saw the return of the all the valuable gifts, he was convinced that Guru had no hunger for the worldly goods.

He was assured that if Baba Ram Rai without Guruship could possess such a spiritual power, then the Guru Harkrishan would be more powerful in that field. He wanted to see his miraculous events.

He planned to go in the garb of a Faqir to meet the Guru. He thought that if Guru would be unable to recognize him then he could mislead his disciples that He had no spiritual power.

It would also serve double purpose. The Guru's resolve not to see him would also be broken.

But before going to see the Guru, he wanted to test him.

He sent for Raja Jai singh. He told him that he wanted to test the insight of the young Guru.

King Aurangzeb said, 'That you should dress your wife as a maid servant and one of your maid servant should be dressed as a Queen. If the Guru recognizes your wife then I will be convinced that He possesses spiritual powers.'

Raja Jai Singh agreed to arrange the drama. He came to his house and told his Queen about him plan.

But the Queen refused to do so.

When Raja Jai singh told her that it was the order of the King then she agreed to comply. She dressed herself as a maid servant.

One of the maid servant was dressed with very precious clothes and jewels.

When Raja Jai Singh was satisfied he went to meet the Guru.

On meeting he said, 'My Lord! My Queen is very anxious to see you. Please come in our palace so my Queen and to her servants could have a glimpse of you. They all are waiting for you.'

The Guru agreed to accompany him.

When he entered the palace the maid servant dressed as Queen came to welcome the Guru.

But the Guru did not take notice of her. He straight went in front of the real Queen.

Standing before her he said, 'What was the eventuality for a Queen to do such a type of hypocrisy. We are faqirs and such humbugs do not appear good for a Queen of Raja Jai Singh. We are staying in your house, we are your guests and it does not suit for a host to do such inferior jokes with her guests.

Raja Jai singh had told me that you wanted to see me. But you have camouflaged yourself in order to deceive me. I am not happy at your behavior with the man of God.'

Hearing Guru's words the Queen was bewildered. She became so nervous that she was unable to talk. Then she fell at the feet of the Guru and began to weep.

When the Guru consoled her she embraced him and seated him on her lap.

With tears in her eyes she said, 'My Lord! I have done a great blunder, please forgive me. I did not know that you are real Krishan. I have been privileged by your sight. My all ambitions have been accomplished.'

Raja Jai Singh and other maid servants were amazed to see this miracle.

Raja Jai Singh was also embarrassed at this and felt ashamed of his misconduct. He also fell at the feet of the Guru and requested to pardon him. He told him that there was no fault of the Queen, he himself had arranged all this at the command of King Aurangzeb.

The Guru blessed him and all began to singh Guru's praises.

Raja Jai singh was convinced that the Guru was an incarnation of God. He was fearless and free. He had no regard for the King.

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