Birth of star

Satgur Nanak pragatya, miti dhund jag chanan hoya.

Many many men have lived on this earth. We remember some of them, but many of them we don't remember at all. Great men give us great thoughts, so we remember them.

The day when another great man was born, name was Nanak. Not even Sikhs, Entire World call him Guru, who loves everyone and tell us about God.

Guru Nanak was born in 1469 in a village named Talwandi, Pakistan (Nankana Sahib) in the family of Mehta Kalu ji and Tripta ji.

Guru Nanak was the second child in the family after Bibi Nanki.

When the child Guru Nanak was born the nurse, named Daultan, came running to tell the news. She looked sad and frightened.

'What is the matter Daultan? Why are you so sad?' asked Mr Kalu.

'O sir, I am not sad, I am pleased to tell you that you have got a very handsome son in your family. Children cry when they are born, but this child did not cry. I have never seen this happen before. But I saw a dazzling light when the child was born. The light shone round his head like a star.'

Mr. Kalu was worried, so he ran to Mr. Hardyal, a Brahman. At once he came with Mr. Kalu to see the strange child. He saw the child. He thought for a time and then said, 'Mr Kalu, you are very lucky to have this child. When he grows up, he will be a great man. He may be a king or a Guru.'

On hearing these words Bibi Nanaki was very pleased and she said, 'I am sure, father, he won't be a king.'

'Keep quiet Nanaki,' said the father, 'Don't you want to see your brother a king?'

'I would love to,' said Nanaki. 'But father, believe it or not, my dear little brother will never be a king. He will be a Guru. He will love everybody and give great ideas to the world. He will be a friend to all. People will remember him for a very long time. They will call him the Guru.'

Mr. Kalu, Hardyal and Daultan were all amazed at Nanaki's words.

Bibi Nanaki's words came true.

The child grew up to be a very wise man. We still remember him. We still enjoy his great thoughts. This great man taught us to love everybody, black or white, rich or poor, man or woman. He said. 'God is one, and we are all His children.

Let us all try to do what this great man has asked us to do. Let us play, sing, eat and dance together. Let us love one another as much as we can.

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