No Hindu, No Musalman

One day Qazi said to Nawab Daulat Khan that if Guru Nanak considers Hindus and Muslims equal and had declared that there was no difference between these two religions then he should join us during the evening prayer. Nawab sent a messenger and requested the Guru to join them during the evening Namaz.

Guru Nanak agreed and went to Mosque. There he accompanied the Nawab and the Qazi.

As the Qazi was conducting the service, the Guru did not kneel and remained standing. After the service was over the Qazi complained to Nawab. He said, 'Instead of joining us in prayer he smiled. He has been proclaiming that there is no difference between Hindus and Musalmans but he remained standing and did not kneel.'

After the prayer, Nawab asked Guru Nanak angrily, 'Why did you not follow us in the prayer? You were simply standing and doing nothing.'

'Ah, certainly I wanted to join the prayer but I found nobody in the mosque here,' said Nanak.

'No, you are lying. Couldn't you see the crowd of people here?' said Nawab.

Guru Nanak said, 'Certainly your bodies were here but your minds were far, far away. I smiled because Qazi's prayer was not accepted by the God though obviously he was praying, but his heart was not in the words he was repeating. His mind was wandering in his house. Immediately before the prayer service, he had loosened his new born foal in his courtyard. There is a well in his courtyard. While he was performing Divine service his mind was filled with fear lest the foal should fall into the well.'

When Nawab asked Qazi about it, the Qazi admitted that the Guru had spoken truth. But the Qazi said, 'It is true my mind was wandering and I worried about the foal, but you should have joined the Nawab.

The Guru smiled and said, 'Nawab was also buying horses in Arabia far away from this prayer carpet. How then could I join him?'

Nawab was surprised that Nanak could know what he was thinking at the time of prayer.

The Nawab and Qazi were so much moved on hearing the true statements of the Guru that they prostrated at his feet. The Guru said, 'Though you have been pretending to be true Musalman, but actually you are far from it. You should know the qualities of true Musalman. Then they requested the Guru to tell them the definition of a true Musalman.

Then the Guru recited the following shabad

'If compassion be your mosque, faith your mat;

And honest living be your Quaraan;

And modesty your circumcision;

Contentment your fast;

Then in real words you are true Musalman.

Let good deeds be your kaaba and truth your Prophet;

And let your prayer be for God's Grace.

Your rosary be of His Will.

Then God will keep your honour.'

At this Nawab bowed before the Guru and promised to offer his prayers from the heart. The Nawab said, 'Qazi, Guru Nanak has found the God. Now there is no difference between Guru Nanak and God. We are very fortunate to meet the messenger of God. He has realized the truth. For him all religions are equal. His words are right. 'There is no Hindu, there is no Musalman.' Because all are equal in his eyes.

All the people there accepted the Guru's way.

'When a man wants to become a Hindu, they put a thread of cotton around his neck.

But if, after this, his actions are not good, his bathing and washing are useless.

The Muslims praise their own creed. 'Believe in the 'Pir' or you won't see God,' they say.

But only a few act upon the words of the 'Pir'. Their actions will speak in God's court.

Without good deeds, none will find the way. Very few speak the truth of all truths.

Nanak, for them, there will be no tests.' Guru Nanak

'Castes are folly, names are folly. All creatures have one shelter, that of God.

If a man calls himself good, The truth shall be known O Nanak,

When his actions are accounted for,

Under the Guru's instruction Regard all men as equal,

Since God's light is contained in every heart.'

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