At Kurukshetra

The Guru's ways of rpeaching was very dramatic. He always visited the holy places on the occasion of big fairs. Once Guru Nanak visited Kurukshetra city.

On that day a big fair was held due to Solar eclipse. A large number of people had gathered there. Many Brahamins and holy saints had come there to attend the fair. Some were bathing in the Saraswati and others were sitting on the bank of the river. It is a belief that sun owes credit to Rahu and Kettu.

When the creditors ask the sun to pay their debits then the sun hides himself and that becomes the cause of solar eclipse. In order to save the sun from Rahu and Kettu the Brahamins and saints observe strict fast. The people give alms to the Brahamins and saints. All activities come to close during the period of eclipse. All pray to God for the safety of the sun. Generally such a fearful atmosphere is created that the people feel very sad and gloomy.

When the Guru accompanied by Bhai Mardana and other Sikhs reached there he found a great hustle and bustle. Guru and his associates also took their seats on the bank of the river. The Guru Nanak asked his Sikhs to bring a big pot and to fill that with some water. Then he asked them to light the fire and place the pot on it.

The Guru knew very well that the solar eclipse was a mere heavenly phenomenon. It had no business with the mankind and the earth. The story of Rahu and Kettu was a false myth. He had gone there to educate the common folk.

When the Pandits saw the fire they at once ran towards him. They asked the Guru to extinguish the fire. But the Guru paid no heed towards them.

They cried very loudly and the Brahamin chief said, 'What are you cooking.'

The Guru replied, 'He was cooking meat. '

Hearing this they became very furious and called that act of grave profanation. They accused him of sacrilege. But the Guru said calmly, 'Your beliefs are false and the story of Rahu and Kettu is imaginary. Nothing would happen. The sun would shine again and no Rahu and Kettu could stop him. Don't befool the common folk. Tell them that all happens according to Will of Almighty.

The Guru Nanak addressed the pilgrims who had collected themselves around him.

The Guru said,

'Meditate on One God, who is sole Supreme Being.

Nothing is equal to priceless Name of God,

By the Name of God are sustained all Creatures,

Continents, Universes and Countless Suns and Moons.

Like God His Name is also the Supreme power.

You should not be afraid of such eclipses of sun and moon;

Because all the creation is working under His command and;

He himself is present everywhere.'

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