Pandit Chatur das

The Guru visited almost all the important centres of Hindu religion. Wherever He went He gave the people of Divine Knowledge and reformed them so that they might become noble and gentle.

The Guru and Bhai Mardana also travelled towards Banaras. When the Guru and Bhai Mardana reached there they found the learned Brahamins studying the scriptures. They were also giving instructions to their pupil, who sitting around them on the ground. There were some Vaishnavas who were worshipping the stone. The naked bodied ascetics were engrossed in various forms of penance. The Guru also saw some people sitting outside in postures of meditation.

Guru Nanak was wearing such a unique garb which was neither of a house-holder nor a saint. The Guru and Bhai Mardana took their seats near a main crowded crossing. Then the Guru asked Bhai Mardana to tune the musical instrument and the Guru began to recite a humn.

When the learned pundits heard the melodious voice of the Guru, they were attracted towards him.

At that time the leader of the Brahamins was Pandit Chattur Dass. He came with his companions and sat near the Guru. At the end of the recitation, the Guru opened his eyes and saw many Brahamins and common folk sitting around him.

Then Brahamin Chatur Dass paid homage to the Guru and said, 'What faith do you profess? You neither seem a Muslim Faqir nor a Hindu Saint. You are not carrying Saligram and devotee's stone. You do not possess rosary and there is no mark of white clay upon your forehead. Please clear our doubts.'

Then the Guru again asked Mardana to play the rabab and sang a hymn. Then the Guru explained them the meanins of the hymn.

He said,

'You should make God's Name as Saligram and your good deeds as basil wreath round your neck.

You should seek Divine Grace and this must be your raft's anchor.

You should not waste your time by watering the barren lands and plastering the wall made of sand.

Your good deeds must be string of vessels to draw water from the well and yoke your mind to the wheal.

You should take the nectar of union with God and irrigate with it the land.

Then great Gardener, the God will own you.

Pandit Chatur Dass was very much impressed on hearing the Guru's sermon. He requested the Guru to stay at Banaras to learn the fourteen sciences.

But the Guru said. 'For me one word is of real account. I consider him truly learned, who has engaged himself in the service of others.'

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