His Childhood

Guru Nanak was a very fascinating child. He was not an ordinary child. Children of his age liked him very much and everyone wanted to play with him. His games and toys were different from other children.

In his early age he used to talk about the Supreme Soul and the path of religion and good deeds.

Guru Nanak loved to play with the children of his age. He shared with them his sweets and play things.

He generally invented new games and had such a personality that he persuaded his friends to play according to his game plans.

He was gifted with a sweet and melodious voice. He had the power to spell bound his friends with his fascinating songs which He sang in praise of God and his friends would repeat after him.

By this way of singing He had a great impact on the residents of the village. Villagers and children attended his Darbar and were feeling pleased to hear his enchanting songs.

One day the ruler of the village Rai Bular came to know about the new games of Guru Nanak.

He himself came to hear the melodious songs of the Guru. He was so much impressed on hearing the songs of Guru that he said to his friends, 'Nanak is not an ordinary child. He has come in this world to put people on the right path. We should respect him.

Then Rai Bular with his friends reached near him. On seeing Rai Bular the Guru ji got up and the Guru paid a due respect to Rai Bular. The Guru spoke with such a dignity and wisdom that Rai Bular and his friends were surprised to hear such words from a child of such a young age.

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