Pandas At Gaya

From Banaras, the Guru and Bhai Mardana travelled towards East. They reached Gaya, situated on the left side of the Phalgu river. It was the holy place where Lord Budha had attained Enlightenment.

But in those days it had become a strong hold of Hindu worship. There existed forty five points from where it was supposed that the forefathers could be supplied all necessaries. The common people were assured that rice cakes given in the name of their forefathers would bring them satiety. If the lighted tiny lamps were given to Pandaas, they could also illuminate their paths in the heaven.

By one way or the other the Pandaas were looking the common folk. They were befooling them that whatever they had been giving them, that ultimately would reach their ancestors.

When the Guru and Bhai Mardana reached there, the Pandaas considering them as rich men, surrounded them. They asked them to accept their services.

The Guru declined their services and said, 'First tell me where my ancestors are resident.'

The Pandaas were bewildered to hear this and they could not answer.

Then the Guru again asked, 'Can you tell me about my parents? Are they alive or dead?'

The Brahamins felt ashamed and they startled to see towards each other.

The Guru advised them,

'Rice cakes placed on plates made of leaf are useless.

God's Name alone is man's support here and in the next world.

You make the rolls for the departed souls but you eat those yourself.

The light of tiny lamps does not illuminate the dark paths of your ancestors.

You yourself are sitting in the darkness of ignorance.

First yourself attain enlightenment.

For that purpose make the sole Name of God your lamp, then pour in it oil of sufferings.

This oil should be burnt by the light of realization.

Don't befool the ordinary people.

You should make the praise of God as a holybath at the Ganga and Banaras.

The true ablution is that when one is attuned forever in the praise of God.'

On hearing the Guru's words, the Brahamins were greatly impressed and they fell at the feet of the Guru.

There also lived a Dev Gir, the Chief Priest of the Budha Gaya. He became an ardent devotee of Guru Nanak. The Guru honoured him as His representative and he led his disciple congregation after the

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