The Jeweller

From Gaya the Guru and Bhai Mardana travelled towards North East and reached Patna on the bank of the Ganga. They chose a suitable place and stayed there. People from far and near had gathered there to take a bath in the holy river. They were also enjoying the company of the Guru. They were feeling enchanted on hearing the holy hymns of the Guru. The sermons of the Guru were piercing through their hearts.

One day Bhai Mardana requested the Guru that he wanted to see the city of Patna and also desired to buy some edible articles. The Guru allowed him and gave him a piece of precious jewel and asked him to go into the city to buy with in what he desired.

Bhai Mardana went from shop to shop and told them that he wanted to sell the jewel in order to buy some articles. But no one cared to buy the jewel. They were saying that he was carrying an ordinary stone and that was worthless for them. If he had to buy something then he should make the payment in cash. Bhai Mardana was disheartened.

At last, one shopkeeper told him that if he wanted to sell the stone then he should meet Saalis Rai, the jeweler.

Bhai Mardana at once reached the shop of Saalis Rai and said, 'My master has sent me to sell this jewel, please check it and pay me the reasonable price.'

Saalis Rai took the jewel and when he scanned it, he was wonder struck. He handled the stone very carefully and kept on seeing towards it very curiously.

Then he gave one hundred rupees to Bhai Mardana and also returned the jewel and said, 'This is a very costly jewel, I cannot pay its price. But I am giving you hundred rupees as the fee of having a glimpse of such a costly jewel.'

Bhai Mardana was also surprised to hear this. He met the Guru and narrated him the jewel's episode. The Guru declined to take the money and asked Bhai Mardana to return the money back to the jeweler. Mardana went back and handed back the money to the jeweler.

Bhai Mardana said, 'My master does not keep money. He is a Saint and He is devoid of worldly attractions.'

Saalis Rai became very anxious to see his master. He asked his servant Adharaka to take some presents and fruits with him and to accompany him. They requested Mardana to lead them so they could meet his master.

Bhai Mardana led them and they reached the place where the Guru was sitting. They bowed before the Guru and placed their presents and gifts in front of him.

The Guru smiled and asked them to sit. The Guru explained them about the path of Sikhism and they became true followers of the guru. They became dedicated to words of the Guru and his new mission.

When the Guru departed from Patna they jointly preached the teachings of the Guru.

In the time of child Guru Gobind Singh, Adharaka's descendants were Gulab Rai and Ganshyam Dass

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