Ruhel Khand

From Jagan Nath Puri Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana set out for Rehel Khand. In those days Ruhel Khand was a very backward area. The residents of that area were very cruel. They used to make ordinary travelers as their slaves. The slaves had to work very hard for a meager food.

When the Guru heard about these people He made up His mind to meet these people.

He asked Mardana to stay at one place so that he might go there to change their minds. But Mardana requested the Guru to accompany, so they reached that area where Ruhelas had their independent rule.

When Ruhelas saw the Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana coming towards them, they caught them and sold them to the Ruhela Chief. But when the Ruhela Chief found them very innocent and carefree, he employed them for his household service. In a few days, he was very much impressed by their service. Generally he feared to face the Guru.

One day he asked the Guru to bring a pot of water. When the Guru brought a pot full of water placing on his head he was wonder struck to see that pot was not touching the head of the Guru. Instead that was floating in the air a few inches above the head.

At night the Guru and Bhai Mardana were sleeping in a hut specially made for the slaves. That hut was guarded by Ruhelas so that the slaves might not run away. After passing some part of the night the Guru used to sing his hymns and Bhai Mardana accompanied him while playing on the rebeck.

Ruhela Chief and his wives heard that melodious and sweet voice many times. In order to trace that voice, one day the Ruhela Chief followed that voice. When he reached near the hut of the slavesm he heard the voice very clearly.

He asked his servants to bring the lights so that he might trace the musician. When he entered inside the hut he found that the Guru Nanak was singing and his companion was playing the musical instrument. He sat there for a long time. The voice and words of the Guru enchanted him very deeply. He himself became a slave of the Guru.

When the Guru completed his hymn he at once fell on the feet of the Guru and said, 'My Lord forgive me! I have made the God my slave but now I am your slave. Please instruct me what should I do now.'

The Guru advised him that he should let free all the slaves and in future must lead a pious life.

He obeyed and all slaves were set free.

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