Return To Talwandi

Bhai Mardana urged the Guru to return back to visit their homes and rest their weary limbs. Thus after visiting all the famous places of pilgrimage, they returned to Sultanpur Lodhi. He had taken about twelve years to complete his first Udaasi.

But instead of going into the town, the Guru sat under a shady tree on the bank of the Bein river. Mardana went inside the town and informed sister Nanaki and brother-in-law Jai Ram. They were overwhelmed with joy to hear this pleasant news.

Within no time the news spread in tht town that Guru Nanak had returned back after twelve years.

Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi, his ministers and the public flocked to meet Guru Nanak.

The Guru greeted them cordially and blessed them for their love shown to him. They stayed there for seven days. Then the Guru and Mardana resumed their journey towards Talwandi.

As they approached their native place, Guru Nanak paused and sat down outside the village. Mardana was very eager to go into the village to see his parents. He made obeisance by touching the feet of the Guru and took leave of him.

Then Bhai Mardana went into the village and arrived in his house. His parents were surprised and overwhelmed with joy to see their son. News spread through the village that Mardana had returned back.

In Puratan Sakhi it had been written that when the villagers saw Mardana they said, 'He is just a shadow of Guru Nanak. He is no longer what he was. He has become greater than the world.'

Then Bhai Mardana went to Guru Nanak's house. He told His parents about Guru Nanak. When Mother Tripta heard such a good news, she at once wrapped in a bundle some clothes and sweets to bring his son home. Bhai Mardana and Mother Tripta reached the spot where Guru Nanak was sitting.

When the Guru saw his mother, he rose from his seat and greeted here by touching her feet. The mother started expressing the pangs of separation she had undergone.

She kissed his forehead and said, 'May I be a sacrifice to you my dear son, May I be sacrifice to your name and to your sight, May I be sacrifice to the tracks you have trodden and to the very ground on which you now stand. You have made me extremely happy by showing your face.'

Meanwhile Mata Sulakhani and his two sons Baba Lakhami Chand and Baba Sri Chand also reached there. When father Kalu arrived then Guru Nanak paid his respects by touching his feet. Rai Bular though weak due to old age, reached there on foot.

Guru Nanak spent some time at Talwandi. Then Guru asked his family to shift to Kartarpur. Mostly, all the Guru's childhood friends accompanied the Guru.

Bhai Mardana also took his family with him. At Kartarpur he narrated the strange and true stories of their adventures to their closed friend Bhai Bala.

Staying at Kartarpur for a month the Guru set out for his new journey. Bhai Mardana was also with him.

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