The Leper Cured

Before going on a long journey Guru Nanak decided to go to Sultanpur to meet his siter. There they stayed for a month. The Guru told her about their new abode at Kartarpur.

From Sultanpur the Guru set forth towards West. They crossed the river of Beas at the ferry of Goindwal. From Goindwal, when they advanced further they reached on the outskirts of a village. There they saw a solitary hut.

In that hut lived a leper, whom his relatives had deserted to live in that solitary place. All the inhabitants of the village were afraid of this disease and no one even dared to come near him.

When the Guru and Bhai Mardana reached near his hut the Guru said, 'My dear friend, we are travelers, we want to stay with you tonight. Will you please allow us to have the honor of your good company?'

The leper was surprised to hear such words from a stranger. Though he tried to tell them about his disease, but he could not utter a word.

Then again the Guru said, 'Brother, if you are unable to accommodate us, we can stay outside your hut.'

But the leper did not come out of his hut. From within the hut he said, 'Benevolent Sir, you have done great favour by coming near my hut. Even the animals of jungle flee from me. I am suffering from a chronic disease I am the lowest and worst man in the world. My soul is in continuous agony.'

Then the Guru asked Bhai Mardana to tune the rebeck and the Guru sang the following hymn:

'He who forgets God's word, suffers and wails like a leper.

His soul remains in continuous agony.

But what is use of lamenting God knows our innermost un-uttered thoughts.

God is the creator and preserver of all.

Those who recite His Name are saved.

Then Lord takes care of them in sufferings.

God is merciful, those who try to seek Him, He rescues them of all sufferings.'

When the Guru completed his hymn, He opened His eyes. He saw the leper with folded hands sitting before him.

Then the Guru said, 'How are you my dear friend. Why are you residing outside the village in such a small hut?'

Then the leper said, 'I am suffering from leprosy, my relatives and other villagers have turned me out of the village so that they may not get this dreadful disease.'

Then the Guru smiled and said, 'My friend, you seem to me hale and healthy. Where is the leprosy for which you have been banished from the village?'

But when the leper saw towards his hands, he found no mark of disease. He was surprised to see all this. He at once fell at the feet of the Guru and became a votary name The Guru advised him to recite the Name of God.

The Guru said, 'Now you should not go to your village to meet your relative and friends. They would come themselves fortunate to meet you. Those who were cursing your hands will now feel honoured to kiss them. They will consider themselves to pay homage to you. You showed patience and had spent your life keeping God's Name in your heart. God has rid you of this chronic disease.'

Advising him, The Guru continued His journey towards the North West.

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