Pir Hamza Gauns

After curing the leper, the Guru and Bhai Mardana visited Talwandi and Saidpur. They stayed for some days at Saidpur. There He stayed with His first Sikh, Bhai Lalo. From Saidpur the Guru came to the ancient town of Sialkot.

At Sialkot there lived a Sufi Fakir named Pir Hamza Gauns. He was considered to be possessing great miracle powers. The people of the area were very afraid of him. He had undergone many Chalihaas (Forty-days self mortification).

In Sialkot there lived a Khatri named Ganga. He was very rich but was very worried as he had no issue to inherit his property.

One day he went to Pir Hamza Gauns and requested him for the blessings of a son. He promised the Pir that if he had children, he would present his first born son to him as his disciple.

After few years, there were three sons born in the house of Ganga. Then one day Ganga took his elder son and met the Pir. He was not willing to offer his son to the Pir.

So he said, 'Pir Sir, I have brought my son, now tell me what money will you take as a price of my son. I desire absolution from the pledge with offers of money, whatever the amount you may ask.'

Pir was enraged to hear this. He said, 'I want your son, nothing else. I don't want money we faqirs have no attraction for the wealth. It is useless for us.'

But when Ganga was confirmed that Pir was not interested in the money, he took his son back home.

This made Pir so angry that he decided to punish the city of liars. He confined himself to the solitariness of a small vaulted room and ordered his servants to let nobody enter near the area. He started his forty-days self mortification for the destruction of the town.

When the Guru reached the city He took His seat under a Ber tree. There He learned that the Pir had laid the town under a curse of destruction.

The Guru tried to meet the Faqir, but every time Bhai Mardana was sent away by his attendants.

When the people of Sialkot came to know that Guru Nanak had been sitting under the shade of a Ber tree, they thronged to meet him. They requested the Guru to protect them from the fury of that Pir.

Guru Nanak said to them, 'Don't worry? The tomb of the room will automatically burst in the mid-day and the Chalihaa of the Faqir will remain incomplete. '

At noon they saw that the tomb of the room cracked and fell apart and the Pir rushed out of the room. He was so horrified that he forgot all about the Chalihaa. When his attendants told him about the Guru, he came to see Him.

The Guru advised him, 'You must not blame the sins of one man upon all the inhabitants of the city. You are a holy man. It is the duty of the holy man to serve the people instead of destroying them.'

Pir Hamza Gauns became a sikh of the Guru.

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