Mian Mithe Shah

From Sialkot the Guru and Bhai Mardana travelled towards West. They reached Mithankot where a Pir, named as Mithe Shah lived, He was considered to be possessed many miraculous powers. The people of the area were afraid of his occult powers.

Due to these powers he had become very conceited, haughty and arrogant. The Guru went there to teach him a lesson. They stayed outside the village in a beautiful garden. There they daily held a holy congregation. Bhai Mardana used to play on the rebeck and the Guru recited his Divine Hymns.

When the people of the area came to know about the arrival of the Guru, they flocked to hear the sweet words of the Guru. The attendants of Pir Mithe Shah were also very much impressed by the holy teachings of the Guru. They requested the Pir to pay homage to the Guru. But he was so proud of his spiritual powers tha he declined to attend the Darbar of the Guru.

After some days, when he was convinced about the greatness of the Guru he came to attend the Darbar. When he saw the enlightened face of the Guru, he was fascinated. He made up his mind that the Guru should be brought into the hold of Islam. So he wanted to bring him round through logic.

He said, 'You are a Hindu Faqir, who is your God?'

The Guru replied, 'Mian Mithe Shah! First sit down comfortably. I have come here to clear your doubts. I believe in One God, the Almighty. I do not worship a God made of stone. If the idol is God then all other stones must also be Gods. Those who fall at the feet of the stone idol, their service will futile.'

The Pir was astonished to hear such a clear cut reply of the Guru. Then to clarify his doubt he said, 'But you must be believed in one Prophet. Without Prophet a man cannot attain unity with God.'

The Guru advised him. 'God has always revealed Himself as eternal Light. Perfect vision is the vision of God's light and beauty. There is no need of God or Prophet to get enlightenment. These Gods and Prophets are all dependent upon God. Muslims seek the help of Prophet and Hindus depend upon Gods. I do not believe in Gods who live only in heaven. God is immense and omnipresent. God is everywhere and He pervades everything.'

Pir Mithe Shah again said, 'We believe that people who do good deeds go to heaven and who act evilly, reach hell. What your religion speaks about it?'

The Guru smiled and said, 'Heaven and hell are two states of mind and not geographical localities in time and space. I do not believe that the dead humanity will remain in the grave till the end of the world. When the mind is illumined and treasure of spiritual life acquired then what the need remains for the dooms day.'

The Pir Mithe Shah was so impressed that he became a sikh of the Guru.

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