Duni Chand

From Mithankot the Guru and Bhai Mardana travelled towards Lahore. In Lahore there lived many Sikhs of the Guru. Whenever he travelled from Sultanpur Lodhi to Talwandi he always stayed at Lahore.

At Lahore there lived a very rich man named Duni Chand. He had amassed a lot of wealth and property and lived a luxurious life. When he came to know that the Guru had been staying at the bank of river, he took his horse-carriage and reached there. He requested the Guru to accompany him to his house. The Guru refused to go with him, telling him the main reason that a big assembly would be held at the very spot in the evening. Thousands of disciples would return back disappointed. But when Duni Chand promised that he would send them back within an hour, the Guru agreed to go with him.

When the Guru and Bhai Mardana reached the big house of Duni Chand they found there thousands of Brahamins and Sadhus enjoying the grand feast arranged by Duni Chand.

The Guru said, 'Duni Chand! What is the reason you have invited so many Brahmins and Sadhus on a grand feast and also there are flying seven beautiful flags stand for?'

Duni Chand replied, 'My Lord! Today I am observing anniversary feast or Sharaadh for my deceased father. So I am entertaining the Brahmins and Sadhus so that the food served to them could reach the departed spirit of my father. These seven flags signify the size of the fortune I have been able to amass. Each flag stands for worth a million of rupees.'

Then Guru handed over him a small needle and said, 'Duni Chand! Keep this my needle as deposit of mine and return it to me in the next world.'

Duni Chand took the needle but soon he realised that it would not be possible for him to carry the needle to the next world.

He asked the Guru, 'How can I take this needle with me to the next world.'

Then the Guru said, 'If you cannot take this needle with you then how can you take these seven million rupees with you? You are also distributing clothes and providing foods to Brahamins so that may reach your father. But that is also not true. Your father is wandering in the jungles without food. He has taken a rebirth as a wolf and he is hankering for food from one place to another. What you have given to Brahamins, no part of that food had reached him. If you want to see him, you can find him in the North side near a Banyan tree on the bank of river Ravi.'

When Duni Chand heared this, he at once ran towards that side of the river. At one place he heard the cry of a wolf. He stopped there and found a wolf. Within a few minutes, the wolf vanished and a figure of his dead father appeared before him. He was astonished to see his father.

His father said, 'Duni Chand! Don't fear of me. In my next birth I have born as a wolf. I have been wandering for food since my birth. I amassed three millions in my life as a man, and you have amassed seven millions of rupees. But this wealth does not serve in the next birth. I had collected that wealth by every legal or illegal means and you have even gone beyond my methods. So go to your home and distribute all your wealth to poor and needy.'

When the figure of his father vanished Duni Chand returned home. He bowed at the feet of Guru and distributed his wealth to the poor and needy.

He became dedicated sikh of the Guru. He was the man who helped Guru Nanak to colonise Kartarpur.

Guru Nanak uttered the following Shabad on the occasion:

Salok Mahala 1 (Asa Ki Var)

False are kings, false their subjects, false the whole world;

False are mansions, false palaces, false those who dwell therein;

False is gold, false silver, false he who weareth them

False the body, false raiment, false peerless beauty;

False husbands, false wives; they pine away and become dust.

Man who is false loveth what is false, and forgetteth the Creator.

With whom contract friendship? The whole world passeth away.

False is sweetness, false honey, in falsehood shiploads are drowned--

Nanak humbly asserteth--Except Thee, O God, everything is thoroughly false.

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