Kauda Devil

On His second Udasi, Guru Nanak along with His friend Bhai Mardana visit Deccan. They reached a thick forest area. There they rested outside a village. The villagers came to pay homage to the Guru.

They told the Guru that nearby in the dense forests lived a savage tribe, who were man-eaters. They also informed the Guru that those people were very cruel.

An old woman said, 'Holyman these people eaten my two sons, whenever they found somebody alone, they catch him and after killing, eat his flesh. There are living many animals in the forests, but they prefer to eat the flesh of men, women and children. Devil Kauda is head of this tribe. My sons were very brave, one day they decided to kill this monster, but when they entered into the dense forest they fell into their trap and lost their lives. A holyman of God can save us from these cruel devils.'

On hearing the story of the old woman, the Guru made up his mind to meet Kauda.

He asked the villagers to illustrate him the nearest way going towards their village.

In the evening the Guru and Bhai Mardana set out towards that village. Moon was shining brightly. So they had no difficulty to travel in the night.

Early in the morning they reached near the village. Those people were living in huts made of wood and straw. Outside these huts there stood a tall and big Banyan tree.

The Guru asked Bhai Mardana to sit under that tree. They rested for some time.

Then Guru asked Bhai Mardana to tune the rebeck. When Bhai Mardana played the rebeck on a particular tune asked by the Guru, a sweet hymn resounded in the air. The Guru started to sing His hymn in very sweet and loud voice.

When the Bheels, the followers of Kauda heard this sweet song, there were startled. They began to gather outside the village. They informed Kauda as well. Kauda was also charmed to hear such a sweet voice was of a human being. No man, woman or child had ever dared to come near their village. Kauda asked his men to follow him. He persuaded the voice and reached the place where the Guru was reciting his hymn. He asked his men to sit and not to disturb the singer.

He said to them, 'He is not a man, He seems to me a supernatural power, if we tried to kill Him, His celestial power will ruin our village.'

When the Guru stopped the recitation of His hymn and opened His eyes, He found Kauda and his associates standing before him.

The Guru smiled and said, 'How are you Kauda my friend?'

Kauda was very much impressed when he heard his name from the lips of a stranger. He also noticed that the stranger was speaking in their own language.

Kauda asked, 'Who are you, and why have you come here?'

The Guru glanced into the eyes of Kauda and said, 'We have come to meet our friend Kauda and we are pleased to see you. Please sit down.'

Kauda and his associates sat nearby.

The Guru said, 'God is one and we are all creation of God. We all are brothers. You kill and eat the flesh of your brothers. It is in-human, God does not like it. So one day He will punish you. So you must stop it and should become kind and gentle.'

Kauda, whose conscience was dead with heinous crimes, suddenly came to realization and was overwhelmed with repentance.

Guru ji said, 'Give up your cruel way of life. Take a vow not to harm anyone. Be kind and merciful. Help and serve others.'

The very gracious and holy site of the Divine Master made Kauda realize his guilt and he fell on the feet of the Guru and prayed for mercy. The gracious Guru blessed him with Naam. ('God's Name').

Guru ji told him, 'Always remember God. Repeat His name. Earn your bread with honest work. Share your earnings with others. Do all this yourself and teach others of your tribe to do the same.'

Kauda promised to live and act as advised by the Guru. From a killer and eater of men he became a servant and teacher of men. He was a completely changed person and thereafter lived as a devout

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